Cookies, Candy, and Cake oh my!

First of all, I need to get something off my chest…my parents forgot to get us dog food this week so yesterday for breakfast my dad smashed up dog treats and mixed them with sweet potatoes, which should have made me angry but didn’t because it was really good. For dinner that night, Mom made oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and eggs…SWEET! Today they are getting us our dog kibbles so no more special meals…speaking of which reminds me of a wonderful summer memory…clamming with Mom and Grandpa. We would go out on Grandpa’s boat, anchor off a little spit of land, and then stand in the low tide, digging for these succulent little morsels. Lizzie wasn’t too keen about the whole thing since she was new to it, but I’ve been doing it for years and know the sweet reward. I’ve thrown in a couple of photos so you can see for yourselves…a warm memory for a cold day.

Respectfully submitted,

Mason  12/13/08img_7932img_8146


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4 responses to “Cookies, Candy, and Cake oh my!

  1. sandy powers

    I love them so far!….this is a riot!

  2. Mason sure has a lot to say. Looking forward to many more posts from him.

  3. hi mason!
    i just found your blog through your grandma sue.

    it is so nice to meet you!

    🙂 melissa and emmitt

  4. Susan, Ming & T`ai Tai

    Mason, So glad to see your blog. Grandpa told me about it. I have to say that Ming is also very handsome. Ming and his wife, T`ai, are definitely fans of you and Lizzie…. and, most certainly, your grandpa. We will be checking out your blog to see what your up to!

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