A Pug Looks Back

I guess this time of year everyone takes a look back over the past twelve months and does some personal reflection. A pug is no exception. I’m not the sort of pug who does a lot of wool gathering, however, but this year has been remarkable for many reasons: Lizzie moved in, I had surgery, got a new drug added to my arsenal of medications, spent five months on the Cape, and was forced to wear a sweater due to freezing temperatures in NYC. Now I’m wondering what significance, if any, I can attach to these events? Probably not much (I am a pug, after all) but I do think it is clear that my life is anything but dull. As long as my resilient personality and lust for any edible morsel remain intact, I will greet each day with positive energy and enthusiasm. The good thing is, I really don’t have to worry about the economic crisis, business closures, or unemployment…I leave that stuff to Mom and Dad. I think Lizzard and I are here to take those burdens off their shoulders for a few hours every day…


So there you have it, dear reader, deep thoughts from a pug named Mason.


I put a couple of photos in because I know you humans love looking at us.


Respectfully submitted,




Beach reverie

Beach reverie

Lizzie's auld lang syne moment

Lizzie's auld lang syne moment


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