The Secret Lives of Pugs

Have you ever wondered or even fantasized about what your pug(s) does after you leave the house for work each day? I am sure that some of you imagine us doing all kinds of crazy things, while others of you think we merely fall into a coma-like state until your return. Actually, our activities fall somewhere in between these two extremes. The following, dear reader, is a typical day for Lizzie and me, after Mom and Dad leave the apartment.

We usually take a tour of the place, inspecting the floor for any crumbs or long-forgotten tidbits. Sometimes this is a fruitful activity but most often not. After completing our search, we head to our respective beds for a morning nap. This nap can last anywhere from two to three hours, depending on the weather or our moods. Our internal alarm clock always kicks us into an alert state so that we can wait by the door for Billy, our dog walker. As soon as we hear the whine of the elevator, its opening doors, and his footsteps coming down our hall, we are primed and wagging.

After our walk with Billy, he rewards us with some dog treats, which is great cause for celebration. Some further sniffing around often follows Billy’s departure, in case one of us has missed a morsel. On particularly challenging days, I feel the need to attack one of my miserable little stuffed animals…either the squirrel or bear. I beat them, chew on them, shake them violently, and then fall asleep with one of them in my mouth. Lizzie says my snoring is so loud that it wakens her but I say she needs to get over it. Pugs snore and she occasionally contributes to our symphony!

Some days, when I am particularly bored, I will coerce Lizzie into doing some random naughty act…like urging her tip over the garbage (if it has been left out), suggesting that she probably can’t hold her bladder or bowels until Mom or Dad gets home and that it is okay just to do it in the apartment, or sometimes I just tell her scary stories which produces the same results as above. All of these activities help pass the time and keep me entertained. I admit it, I am not proud of myself for setting Lizzie up, but pugs get bored very easily.

And there you have it…a typical day for your pug(s).

Respectfully submitted,


Here we are, captured by the pug cam, waiting for Billy.

Here we are, captured by the pug cam, waiting for Billy.

Look at your cute little butts heading for the door.

Look at our cute little butts heading for the door.

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  1. I love LOVE the pug butts

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