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Will You still Need Me, Will you Still Feed Me When I’m Sixty-Four?

Here’s a piece of cruel irony, dear reader: why is that pugs are so incredibly cute as puppies, and then begin to look excruciatingly unattractive by around age five? Now of course there are exceptions to this rule, such as yours truly, but for the most part it is a dramatic downhill tumble for this breed of dog. How many people happily and enthusiastically choose to adopt pugs that are gray of muzzle, snaggle of tooth, and wide of girth? I believe puppies are cute so that they can secure a place in some besotted human’s home before the transformation begins!

 Now, I am not one to think too much about personal appearance but I did have occasion last week, while out on a walk with Mom, to notice my reflection in a storefront window. I’m afraid I was so taken with my appearance (I was in a beautiful Etro sweater and fitted orange boots…and yes, the weather was terrible) that I quickly put on my brakes, stopped, and then took a long second look. Dang, I looked good and I’m not ashamed to admit my age. I am 8 years old, and by my reckoning, that puts me near the Beatles’ famous sixty-four human years.

 Sometimes it is important to  look at oneself clearly and see both the inner and outer beauty. I think pug owners must do that a lot.

 Respectfully submitted,





What? You thought I'd show you show hideous image of an old pug? Not bloody likely. I'm a pug on top of his game here.

What? You thought I'd show you some hideous image of an old pug? Not bloody likely. I'm a pug on top of his game here.


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