Pugpourri – Random Thoughts From A Thoughtful Pug

Since I don’t feel cranky, curmudgeonly, or cantankerous, I really can’t rant about anything today. On the other hand, I don’t feel especially happy, upbeat, or warm and fuzzy. So, that begs the question…what is a pug to do? I came up with the idea of just “twittering” some random thoughts and observations.

 It’s nice having Lizzie. I can blame her for most everything that goes wrong in my life and still enjoy her company when I choose to.

 I stopped punishing Mom today and let her love me the way she used to, by lying in her lap, on my back, legs akimbo, and wallowing in her loving ministrations.

 Even though I’ve had frosty paws this week, I can feel and smell spring. I know it will explode without warning any day.

 I am not a fan of play dates. They are for the parents, not the dogs.

 I am comforted by attacking my stuffed bear. He serves as a pacifier when I am frustrated or a passive victim when I need to prove my virility.

 Why do we need baths? We’re pugs and as such should be allowed to smell gamey and oily.  I like the post bath treat though.

 What good does it serve to bathe a pug, then put his filthy harness back on, and let him return to his stinky bed?

 Walks are special for pugs…a time for bonding with Mom or Dad…so then why do they talk on their cell phones during our outing?

 Why do we have to wait to be fed? Why can’t we eat whenever we feel hungry?

 I like to fantasize about joining up with a pack of wild pugs…ones that are ferocious and predatory, roaming the streets of lower Manhattan.

 People always ask, “What do pugs want?” The answer is simple, folks, FOOD!


I apologize for my lack of focus today but sometimes a twitter is better than a squawk.


Respectfully submitted,




A typical day...Lizzie is acting like a fool and I'm thinking deep thoughts.

A typical day...Lizzie is acting like a fool and I'm thinking deep thoughts.









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2 responses to “Pugpourri – Random Thoughts From A Thoughtful Pug

  1. Erin

    Coco, here…I’m sitting in my Mom’s lap as she reads this, and I just have to say: I couldn’t agree more on the bath comments. And the worst part is the ear-cleanings afterward…yuck! Also, I like what you said about play dates. There’s a pug meet up tomorrow, and as usual, me and my sister, Lexie will probably just hang out by Mom and Dad…Chloe likes to sniff a lot of butts and look for treats, but she’s like that. As for the food comments, my mom says that if we could eat whenever we wanted, we’d either explode or run out of food, whichever comes first. I think that’s just an excuse to feed us on THEIR time, not ours!

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