A Pug’s Plea

I admit it…this is a shameless plea for your votes but I know of no other way to make you, dear reader, aware of my blog’s nomination in two different competitions. If you enjoy reading my musings and feel I am worthy of your vote, here are two places to visit:

www.blognetawards.com and www.bloggerchoiceawards.com/

You must register and log on to both of these sites in order to vote but that is fairly easy. For the blognetawards I am listed under “Best Pet Blog” and for the bloggerchoiceawards, I am listed under “Best Animal Blogger.”

I am a pug who enjoys recognition and publicity, but does that make me vain and shallow? Perhaps, but not necessarily, and at any rate I won’t be changing who I am. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

 On another note, my long awaited book (SUMMER PUGS) soon will  be available for purchase. I am rather pleased with it and hope that many of you will be eager to hold photos of me (and Lizzie too) in your hands. When I have details, I will share them with you.

After a weekend of incredible spring-like beauty, I am daunted by the swift return of dreary, cold, wet weather. Nothing dampens a pug’s spirit so much as a gray Monday. But be of good cheer, dear reader, my adventures will continue and I will be writing my rants and raves again. Think of this entry as a public service announcement.


 Respectfully submitted,



P.S. I am not enclosing a photo today so it might be a good opportunity for you to scroll through past entries and cast a loving eye upon my handsome face.




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2 responses to “A Pug’s Plea

  1. Erin

    We voted for you on both sites, Mason, and if there is any justice, you should win! Of course, you’re already a winner in this house of pugs.

  2. Alice

    I voted for you on both sites Mason! Good luck!

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