When Worlds Collide

How do I even begin, dear reader, to describe the singular event of this past week that rocked my world, leaving me speechless and reeling with disbelief? I am not even sure I can adequately describe how profoundly shattered and bewildered this one seemingly innocent event has left me.

 On Thursday evening, a typical workday evening of no particular consequence, at about 8:30 or 9 PM, Lizzard and I were just comfortably hanging out  (no better euphemism springs to mind) when, without warning or fanfare Lizzie got up, strolled over to my space, took my little stuffed bear and sauntered back to her bed with him. She then just curled up as if nothing untoward had happened. I stood there looking at her and then at Mom…back and forth my eyes darted trying to make sense of the insensible.

 For all of you armchair psychologists, perhaps you can help a pug out. I do not have a logical explanation for her behavior…I do have theories but none are ironclad. This little bear is mine, all mine, untouched by anyone other than my mother and then only when she is cleaning the apartment (even that contact disgusts her). I’ve worked so diligently on my bear, both sucking and pummeling him, that now he  sports a very edgy and stiff Mohawk hairdo. For Lizzie to venture into my arena is nothing short of heresy. I can hypothesize that she wished to assert some newfound confidence, or maybe she thought that by taking my bear she could entice me into some lame pug play. Or, perhaps she just had a momentary lapse of judgment, based upon her innate stupidity. Whatever the reason, she left me so stunned that I was incapable of action.

 If any of you have ideas about her aberrant behavior, please let me know. I remain baffled in Manhattan.

 Respectfully submitted,



Okay, I admit it. This is not a great shot, but you can certainly see my little bear...not Lizzie's little bear, my little bear!

Okay, I admit it. This is not a great shot, but you can certainly see my little bear...not Lizzie's little bear, my little bear!



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  1. Erin

    Oh no. What a horrible, traumatic moment for you, Mason! This is Chloe, and I have to admit I have a thing for my cork collection. That’s right, you heard me…I’m a corkaholic. Mommy and Daddy will give me those fake rubber wine bottle corks, and I just love them! Quite often they come to life and provoke me into stalking and attacking them. It’s great fun. Well, recently my little sister, Coco began taking MY corks to chew on! Like that’s okay or something. So believe me, Mason…I can relate to your horror. Siblings…you can’t live with them, you can’t block the dog door and lock them outside when Mommy and Daddy aren’t looking. Or can you? Hmmmmmmmm…

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