Food, Glorious Food or How A Pug Works the Room

Just when I thought my life was at a standstill, I win the lottery! Well, not literally, but for a highly motivated pug that is fully committed to the acquisition of food, there is nothing more momentous or thrilling than learning that Mom and Dad are hosting a dinner party. It is the Holy Grail, the brass ring, and the penultimate of events for such a pug. Now, the down side of this news is the acute realization that in order to achieve that goal, a pug must be willing to work hard at his craft.  A lukewarm approach will garner no reward. A clever pug knows that he must expend an inordinate amount of energy wagging his curled up stump of a tail, cocking his head coquettishly, standing posed and poised, and sending out the subliminal message of “Aren’t I adorable, don’t you want to feed me something from your plate, you know you can’t resist me, and just look at how grateful I am.” This is exhausting and time-consuming, folks, but yours truly is a veteran of this campaign.

Guests arrived at 4:30 and there I was, at the door giving out the best pug vibe I could muster. I did not go off duty until about 11:00, and then only because I couldn’t stand up any longer. I am both embarrassed and gladdened by the fact that goofy old Lizzie has no interest in this opportunity…embarrassed since she calls herself a pug and gladdened because it gave me such a huge field in which to work my game.

The best parties involve a serious amount of liquor, so that with any luck the event should take on a bacchanalian quality. Guests who imbibe are, as the evening progresses, usually loose and generous with bits of foods. Also, they become sloppy, dropping food carelessly. That is when I become a superstar in this production. Since this was a terrace party, I was able to move freely and swiftly, so that no crumb was ever left untouched for more than two seconds.

What a wonderful welcome to spring. I am still recuperating, dear reader, but basking in my memories of the first of many warm weather food events.

 Respectfully submitted,



Here I am, lying on the terrace floor, waiting for the magic. Note my focusHere I am, lying on the terrace floor, waiting for the magic. Note my focus
Another rather nice shot of yours truly, waiting eagerly on the chaise, for the first guests.

Another rather nice shot of yours truly, waiting eagerly on the chaise for the first guests.




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2 responses to “Food, Glorious Food or How A Pug Works the Room

  1. I could picture the entire event.
    Sounds like it was a wonderful success Mason.

    I hope they have lots more parties this summer.


    Love, Tyson

  2. Erin

    You’re so lucky, Mason! We love events like that…you’re right, they’re perfect opportunities for us to look as cute/pathetic as possible and hopefully score big in the food dept! We also love events where there are lots of young children…babies and toddlers are the best. They’re super clumsy and love to throw food. Yum……………….
    ~Lexie, Chloe and Coco

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