The Yin and Yang of Pugs, by Lizzie

Mason really didn’t feel like writing today and I did, so he very generously offered me his space. I think his exact words were, “Go ahead, make a fool of yourself. It won’t be the first or the last time you do.”  He even suggested this title after I told him what I wanted to write about. I hope it makes sense. What a silly old grumpus he is, but I love him dearly.

 I think Mason and I are so different in our personalities, interests, and habits that I’ve decided those differences are what make us work as a pair. It is also interesting that Mason pretty much assumes I am slow witted and timid, and therefore not a real pug by his definition. I admit it, I am slow and I am shy but maybe people and pugs shouldn’t be so quick to judge a book by its cover. He still hasn’t gotten over the night that I took his beloved little bear from him and put it in my bed. I’m not  sure why I did it either, but at the time, it felt really good. I know Mason was upset and confused, which made me feel a little sad, but not enough to return it. He did retrieve it later but I was over the moment.

 Mason hates the heat and suffers so much when he gets hot. His panting and discomfort are  awful to watch. I, on the other hand, love to curl up either in the house or outdoors, wherever the sun is brightest. I adore sunbathing. Mom thinks I’m more like a cat in that regard. I love burrowing under the blankets, up close to Mason or my parents…the more heat, the better.

 I do not like crowds of people – they scare me – and so I hide away someplace quiet and safe. Mason, however, loves crowds and will always go where there is the most action. He tells me he has game and I have none, whatever that means. He can always make me laugh at some of the stuff he says. A lot of it I don’t even understand and that makes him laugh! He calls me a fool, which is okay because I know he really loves me, and I call him my hero. I don’t think he really minds that though.

 Food comes first for Mason, but for me it is and always will be love and hugs. To cuddle up with Mason, Mom or Dad is the very best treat in the world. I know Mason will make fun of what I’ve written, saying it has no focus, no conclusion, is too sappy, and isn’t literate, but I say “vive la difference!”  See, Mason, I know some stuff too.


 Pugs and kisses,




Here I am, on Mom's lap having a nap. I look like such a baby, don't I?

Here I am, on Dad's lap having a nap. I look like such a baby, don't I?


Here I am sunbathing on the terrace. Mason says I should be ashamed of myself because I look like a frog and not a pug.

Here I am sunbathing on the terrace. Mason says I should be ashamed of myself because I look like a frog and not a pug.







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3 responses to “The Yin and Yang of Pugs, by Lizzie

  1. 2pugsinapod

    Lizzie, we think you look fabulous. It takes all kinds of pugs to make the world go ’round. If you were more like Mason, he’d think of you as competition. No way to win!
    We hope you have a great summer at the beach and wish us luck at Pugapalooza!
    Tallulah and Petunia

  2. “vive la difference!” amen to that.

    I thought this was really great to read and it put a really big smile on my face.

    Well done and thanks

  3. Blue Pugstar


    We are so much alike! Because of that, that was my favorite blog entry…Roxy says that Mason’s blog entries are her favorites so perhaps Mason and you can take turns.

    Tell Mason that “grumpy” doesn’t work for me. I find batting my big puppy dog eyes and hugs and kisses works for me. It has gotten me a lot of “special” lady friends. 😉 But hey, I’m not telling him all of my secrets!

    Your fan,
    Blue Pugstar

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