The Reluctant Diner, or I’m Just Not That Into Food

Mason asked me to write this blog because he is so embarrassed by what he calls my “aberrational behavior, “ whatever that means. He calls me a disgrace to my breed, a pug with no “raison d’etre,” another term I don’t know, and says I am someone he is ashamed to share space with.

See, this is the problem and honestly, I don’t understand why it upsets him so, but when I am wakened in the morning, taken out to do my business, and then given my food, I have no appetite yet. I am not a morning pug at all. If I were given a choice, I would sleep the entire day! I love my pug nest and I am just not ready to leave it as early as Mason is his. Mason wakes up with guns cocked, ready to get outside, then rush into the kitchen and gobble down his breakfast. By the time I wander downstairs, Mason has done everything and is already sitting posed near the table, begging for scraps. I love to say a leisurely good morning to everyone, kiss Mason, and cuddle in Grandpa’s lap before going outside. Mason has no patience for me and tries to push me away so his concentration isn’t broken.

After I come inside, my breakfast is put before me, and since I really have no appetite yet and don’t want to disappoint Grandma and Grandpa, I just stand in front of my bowl, staring at it. Mason hovers behind me, hoping someone will tell him it is okay to eat my food. Sometimes the cats come too and watch me. All of this makes me very nervous.

I want to please Grandma and Grandpa but I’m just not hungry, so some mornings I stand there for 15 minutes before I am able to even take a bite and some mornings I can’t eat at all.

So, you can only imagine how angry Mason is with me, particularly those of you who read him regularly. Mason believes that life is about getting and eating food. Everything he does is about those two goals. He is patient, impatient, tricky, sweet, funny, angry, and probably other things I can’t even think of, but all of these things are about getting food (he would say “the acquisition of victuals”).

Well, thanks for listening everyone, and I wish I could write about wonderful things like Mason does, but I’m just not that clever or interested.

Have a great day!


P.S. Guess what??? My mom and dad come today for a visit. I am so excited!

You can see I have a big audience which gives me stagefright.

You can see I have a big audience which gives me stage fright.I'm looking at Grandpa, hoping he'll say I may be excused.

I sniff at it...

I sniff at it...

but I just don't want it.

but I just don't want it.


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4 responses to “The Reluctant Diner, or I’m Just Not That Into Food

  1. Aarin and Mimi

    This is Mimi the pug saying don’t worry Lizzie- its ok not to be a ‘morning pug’. My human Aarin is definitely not a morning person. In fact, when i got my human i was quite surprised that i had to adapt to her schedule! ‘how rude’ i thought. my human doesn’t get up till 1pm or later! usually i am her alarm clock and she’ll get up when i need kibbles but man is she cranky a lot. i eat around 2pm and 11pm then i amuse myself quietly in the mornings. theres nothing quite as sad as a crabby human, unless its a crabby pug

  2. Chloe

    Don’t worry, Lizzie, you’re not alone! My sister, Coco and I aren’t morning pugs either. Our sister, Lexie LOVES to get up super early, but we’d rather stay in bed with Mommy if we had the choice. We’re pretty lucky though because since our mommy is a nurse who works at night, she sleeps a LOT with us during the day! But Daddy always gets us up early, whether she’s there or not, and we could do without that. Somehow, we manage to eat our breakfast though. As long as we can go back to bed with Mommy, it’s worth it!
    Anyway, don’t let Mason make you feel bad. He really does love you deep down. But don’t tell him we said that! 😉

  3. Roxy, Blue and Bono

    So great to hear from you Lizzie. We bet your mom misses you and Mason sooooo much!

    Your Pug Fans,
    Roxy, Blue and Bono

  4. Awww Lizzie… Mason doesn’t understand that’s how you keep that beautiful “girlie” figure… So good to hear from you…

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