What A Pug Wants, What A Pug Needs

I am transported, I am comforted, I am in a state of such bliss that words don’t come easily. To see my mom open the back door and come inside carrying luggage was almost more than this little pug heart could bear. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating…you don’t know what or whom you’re missing until you are faced with that thing or person, and then you realize that there has been a hole in your heart that is suddenly filled.

My mom really doesn’t have to say much to me because we communicate on our own special wavelength…a secret unspoken language that we’ve shared since the day we met. We understand that our love goes beyond physical boundaries and that together, we are complete.

Her arms wrapped around my body reassure me that all is well with the world and there is no place in which I would rather be. You wonder how one little pug can feel this and know it? Well then, just look into your pug’s face closely and you will discover this truth. It is there for you to see if you have any doubts.

Of course Lizzard wriggled and squirmed for Mom, and Mom gave her a hug and kiss, but I have enough self-confidence to let her have that little moment. The thing is that Lizzie has no deep loyalty. She pretty much will waddle off with anyone who pets and loves her. When Grandpa asked who wanted a nap upstairs, off trotted that fickle little female. But not yours truly…I settled in with Mom on the downstairs sofa, and even though she and Grandma were chatting, I was being petted, stroked, and held.

I must apologize for the schmaltzy, sentimental pap that I’ve written today but sometimes even my emotions just flow like a river heading to the ocean.

Respectfully submitted,


Look at how we fit...

Look at how we fit...


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6 responses to “What A Pug Wants, What A Pug Needs

  1. I understand perfectly, Mason. It’s the same with me and my Mom. Originally I was supposed to be Dad’s Pug. Mom rescued me from the pound so he could have his own Pug & he’s the one who named me Buster. But Mom and I clicked and she added all the rest. We look into each other’s eyes and just feel that connection.

    • how will you know if our pug is happy or not?

      • Unfortunately, Mariel, pugs are lap dogs and as such they expect to be with their owners both day and night. Since your mother does not want him sharing your bed then you need to find an alternative for him. Yes, he is sad and his crying is because he misses you. Do you have a very soft, cozy pet bed for him? Does he have some favorite stuffed animals that comfort him? Explore that if you haven’t. If that doesn’t work then perhaps you can have a serious conversation with your mom about why she doesn’t want him sharing your room at night. She may have very valid reasons or she may be unsure. Generally, most pugs sleep with their owners and make great bed companions because they love to snuggle and sleep through the night.
        You will know your pug is happy by the curl in his tail, how shiny his eyes are, how he responds to you, and how eager he is to eat and play with you. I hope this helps.

  2. Lexie, Chloe & Coco

    We are so happy for you, Mason! We know what you mean by loving your mom so much…we are kind of “Mommy’s Girls” too. We love Daddy too…don’t get us wrong…but there’s just something about being hugged and kissed and cuddled by our Mom that gets us every time!

  3. As much as Daddy hates to admit it, I am such a Momma’s pug. Daddycalls me her little shadow because I am always two steps behind her where ever she goes. I will cuddle with daddy if he is the only one home, but will abandon him in a heartbeat for the love of my momma!!!

  4. i have a pet pug and we’re always together but when i was about to go to sleep and i enter my room and he was left outside our living room,he made a sad or crying sound.my heart is likely to melt and i want him to stay with me.but my mom will be angry at me if i put my pet in my room.i can’t help it.i love my pet very much and i dont want him to get sad at times.what can i do??

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