Pug Pleasing Pumpkin Puree, or Good For You and Tastes Good Too

After a brief hiatus I am back, dear reader, ready to regale you with tales from the pug vault. Today’s entry may be of interest to both you and your human keepers. I realize that it would be a very rare pug indeed that needs his or her appetite stimulated so that what I am about to reveal may sound like “bringing coals to Newcastle.” My grandma is always looking for ways to enhance the quality of my life (Lizzie’s too, unfortunately) and so when her sister suggested adding pumpkin to our meals, Grandma moved on it immediately.

I have never questioned the taste of my kibble meals, nor have I ever complained about their repetitive quality, but after having pumpkin introduced into the mix my dining experience will never be the same.

There is a quintessential earthy bouquet and organic texture to pumpkin…a certain “je ne sais quoi” that makes this dietary addition irresistible. Grandma’s sister is a dog trainer and general fount of information about all things dog, so that when she says something is good, Grandma always listens. Pumpkin is supposedly rich in nutrients, loaded with fiber, very filling, and virtually without calories. Do I care about any of this? Of course not! I just know that having pumpkin added to my kibbles is the most exciting thing to come along since marrowbones.

If you recall, our little Miss Reluctant Diner was always mincing around her bowl, waiting to be coerced into taking a bite, stood over and monitored whenever food was presented…but not any more! You should see the snarling, aggressive, demanding beast she has become since pumpkin came into our lives.

This entry is a personal thank you to Debby in Maryland for giving Grandma the best advice ever. Pugs, demand that you too get to savor this little taste of heaven. A tablespoon, mixed with your grim gray kibbles, will change your dining experience. When it comes to food, you can always trust Mason!

Respectfully submitted,


The only downside to pumpkin is the unattractive residue it always leaves on a pug's face.

The only downside to pumpkin is the unattractive residue it always leaves on a pug's face.

But, oh my, is it ever worth it!

But, oh my, is it ever worth it!


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11 responses to “Pug Pleasing Pumpkin Puree, or Good For You and Tastes Good Too

  1. Suzanne

    I’m very curious about adding pumpkin to my pug’s kibble. How did you go about this?

  2. Very easy…just use plain canned pumpkin and add about a Tablespoon to kibbles and stir. We add a little water so it becomes soupy…however you do it is fine.

  3. Oh Mason how wonderful is this!?!?!?!?!? I will have to beg the momma to get me some!!! Right noew, the momma gives me green beans with my dinner and it is not only wonderful, but has helped me lose weight =) I can’t wait to try pumpkin!!!!!


  4. Dear Mason,
    We are of the pumpkin faithful! Our Mom and Dad started us as puppies on steamed, roasted and/or baked butternut squash mashed into our kibble. A meal isn’t a meal without it. In the fall when the “real” pumpkins are ripe we switch but for what ever reason Dad cooks our squash for us (ok by us!). Occasionally we will have stay-over pug friends or family and we have managed to convert all of them too! Dad says fresh is best but we don’t care, canned is just as delicious…add a pump of salmon oil and a pinch of ground flax seed and it’s heaven in a bowl. Makes our coats extra soft and fluffy!
    Love, Roxy (Blue and Bono too!)

  5. Erin

    Hi Mason,
    Lexie, Chloe and Coco’s mommy here…I’ve also heard that pumpkin is good for um…how do I put this discreetly?….anal gland issues that some little dogs have. Lexie has problems in this area (shhhhh, don’t tell her I told you, she’d be embarrassed) and I’ve always wanted to try it. Maybe I will since it sounds like it’s so delicious for delicate little taste buds! She’s also a bit of a slow eater, like Lizzy, so maybe that would help with that too! I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the tip!

    • 2pugsinapod

      Pumpkin can be very good for those issues. The right amount firms up the solid waste which is what is needed to stimulate those glands. However, too much pumpkin will do the opposite and make firm waste go liquid. So it can be good if one is too solid or too liquid, depending on the dose.
      Never the pie mix, though.

  6. Oh, Mason! I just read your pumpkin post and saw the photo’s. Even with pumpkin plastered all over your face, you are still one handsome dude!!!

    Licks and wags,

  7. You’re cute, my pumpkin-munchin buddy!

  8. OMD guys we LOVEEE pumpkin too… now that it’s getting to be fall we’ll be getting a lot of it! Currently we are getting a lot of peas, carrots, and green beans. Once mom brought herself our pumpkin for lunch since it was in the same type of storage container as our soup- BOL!!!! Silly mom.

  9. lisa

    i will try the pumpkin i feed my pug natures recipe with turkey small fruits and vegetables recipe from pet smart store could her food be the problem she is 4 years old an it just started about 2 months thanks

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