You Can Go Home, or To Every Season There Is A Purpose

Forgive the ruminations of a sentimental old pug, but I find it comforting to recall the life I just left behind. Lizzie and I now are ensconced in our Manhattan apartment, napping and waiting for our new dog walker to arrive for our afternoon outing. It is hard to believe the dramatic change we’ve undergone within the past twenty-four hours.

We love being with Mom and Dad again but, like anything in this life, there is a tradeoff. We lose the natural beauty of our surroundings on the Cape, the freedom of running or sleeping outdoors without leashes, and having human company all day long. In NYC, we are alone during the day (except for the dog walker’s two visits), our walks are on leashes on the sidewalk but at least the smells are intoxicating, our apartment is small but at night we sleep with Mom and Dad. In either case we gain and we lose something.

I miss Grandma and Grandpa and all of our car outings, I miss visiting Chloe, I miss going out on the boat, I miss clamming, and I miss evenings in front of the fire.  I love, however, waking up in bed with Mom and Dad and having that extra cuddle time in the morning, I love weekends walking to Thompkins dog park, I love napping on the sofa with Mom on a Sat. or Sun. afternoon, and I love sharing a pizza with Dad.

Both lives are wonderful and we are extremely fortunate but I still hate goodbyes. Lizzie is an idiot and will cuddle with any warm body, so I don’t think she cares where she lays her head. I, however, am extremely mindful of my surroundings and always suffer from dramatic change syndrome.

If you see us walking around the Lower East Side, stop and say hello. We miss all of our friendly faces on the Cape.

Respectfully submitted,



Our last day on the Cape...


Our final lobster dinner


Lizzie going for the last drop.


Look at me going for my last taste!


And, our last boat trip....


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5 responses to “You Can Go Home, or To Every Season There Is A Purpose

  1. Maddie & Cooper

    You has a full summer/fall and we can all relate. I am sure you Mom & Dad are happy for those extra cuddles as well. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you both ❤ Maddie & Cooper in Pembroke, NH

  2. Oh Mason, What an exciting life you lead… I am sorry you are leaving behind the beauty of the Cape, but I am also glad you are back with Mom and Dad in the big city… I can only imagine how they have missed you & Lizzie so…

  3. You and Lizzie get to live such wonderful lives. You are very lucky pugs to have so many people to love you so much!! I’m sure the momma and daddy missed you so. You have your memories of the Cape to hold you through the winter and spring until you can go back again. Enjoy your time with the momma and daddy!!


  4. KatB

    Mason and Lizzie, you look so sad in that first,second, and last picture? Wanted to tell you I look so much forward to reading each and every blog. Your life is so interesting. You are so lucky to have your mom and dad and grandma and grandpa, they love you so much. Sounds like you have a wonderful life. Thank you for sharing it with everyone.

  5. Lexie, Chloe & Coco's Mommy

    I love coming here because just when I think my own puggy girls couldn’t be more pampered than they already are, I see I’m wrong! LOL!
    Welcome back to your “winter” life, Mason. Enjoy all the treasures of NYC and dream about next summer when you’re once again back on the Cape with Grandma and Grandpa!

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