Bah Humbug! This Pug Has Had Enough

Well, dear reader, my absence from the blog world indicates nothing more than the arrival of my usual low period preceding the holidays, and this year is worse than usual. Above and beyond my usual despondency is the overwhelming influx of negative energy. And by that I mean, the arrival last Friday of Grandma and Grandpa’s “little bundle of joy” (aka Cecily), or in my view, their “sack of coal.” She arrived wound tighter than a spring, black as pitch, panting wildly and breathing stentoriously…not what I’d call an auspicious beginning. Going out for a walk with her was nearly as challenging as it was with Lizzie on her first night in the city. And then there is the added difficulty of her invisibility at night. I’m afraid that  black pugs just don’t work for yours truly. They seem a breed apart from fawns, the real pugs.

To compound my growing resentment, this female upstart had the unmitigated nerve to attack me in MY HOME during meal preparation! Can you believe that? She was fierce too! You would think that Lizzard would have risen to my defense, but no, in true Lizzard fashion she booked it into the living room, begging not to be involved, and waited out the melee. It is of no concern to me that this Cecily has never been in a city before or that she was uprooted from her kennel and kennel mates just three weeks ago.

I was not sorry to see her leave on Saturday morning. I did, however, require much more than the usual quality time with Mom. She was at work part of the day Saturday but we cuddled a good deal that afternoon.  What she doesn’t understand though, is that I need a lot more from her than ever before. Monday mornings send me into a crashing depression and cause me to behave abysmally. I know she must leave for work and yet knowing that, I still demand more of her. Due to her new job she has even less time than before, which means again, I am receiving the short end of the stick. Further complicating this scenario of misery is my knowing that Grandma and Grandpa now have the new Frenchie (Daphne), in addition to crazy Cecily.

And so, for those of you who have reason to be of good cheer this holiday season, I say “bully for you!” I, for one, only can anticipate a wildly chaotic visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s while a teething Frenchie tears through the house and a black pug who wiggles and snorts, become the center of everyone’s attention.

I finally understand the Grinch.

Respectfully submitted,


Just look at how comfortable those two females are with MY SPACE!

You can easily guess my mood by my body language. Sign me "down and out in Manhattan." it is...the photo of Daphne all of you have been waiting to see. Grandma said she wouldn't post my blog if I didn't include her.Alright, here it is…the photo of baby Daphne. Grandma said she wouldn’t post my blog today if I didn’t give her space too. Whatever! (to borrow from lame Lizzie).


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5 responses to “Bah Humbug! This Pug Has Had Enough

  1. Mason, my friend, I am overwhelmed! I can only imagine what you must be going through. Oh..wait..I went through some of the same stuff when Mom & Dad brought home BJ (the black senior Pug) and MissyLu (Princess “Daddy’s birthday Pug”)… Ok…I got over it…took time & I still have to work through an occasional “issue,” DOH! Well, I survived & I’m still Mom’s fave, so I’m optimistic you’ll do well. Snort.

  2. Madison

    Dearest Mason,

    You’re still my favorite…..

    Yours truly,
    Madison the Pug

  3. Mason,

    I am sorry to see you so down. I can only imagine your distress…to be attacked in your own home, and during sacred mealtime, no less. And all this stress…a time when you need your mom most and she has to go to work.

    I wish there was more I could offer in the way of support besides empathy, however know that I do empathize…and if you need a break from all that estrogen, you are always welcome to come to Texas for a visit. We got lots of stuff to chew on, places to walkabout, and some really good eats, like bison and elk meat.

    Hang in there, Mason.


  4. Lexie, Chloe & Coco

    Chloe and Coco: “Hey, what’s wrong with black pugs? We thought WE were the ‘real’ pugs!”

    Lexie: “Yeah, I hear ya, Mason…I’ve been through adding little sisters to the mix and it’s not always easy. And yes, isn’t it strange that we pugs come in black? I mean, what’s up with that? But they grow on you. And you’d be surprised how much your parents’ and grandparents’ hearts can expand to accomodate all. Hang in there, my friend.”

  5. Roxy, Blue and Bono

    LOL!!! Sorry…lots of funny stuff Mason. We always enjoy your blogs! And Lizzard too!

    Your pug fans,
    Roxy, Blue and Bono

    P.S. FAWNS RULE!!! 😉

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