Pugs Trodding Through Snow in Colorful Boots, or I Hate Winter

Today’s blog, dear reader, is a small film featuring Lizzie and me in our vivid winter boots, navigating the streets of the Lower East Side. Dad filmed us in our humiliating attire, thinking our faithful readers would enjoy seeing us in our winter accoutrements. Lizzie, being the idiotic little twit that she is, loves wearing this paraphernalia. Watch her mad dartings and frantic shakings as she revels in her outerwear. Well, clearly you will see this for yourself and then can draw your own conclusions. Grandma says I must give credit to the boot company since some of you will want them for your pugs  (my apologies to  all of you pugs for sharing this information). Pawz makes them and they are available in a wide variety of colors (making the humiliation even more complete)…www.pawzdogboots.com.

So, after this lengthy preamble, here is our little film for your viewing pleasure and my disgrace. Dad will not be leaving his job for a career in cinematography, I am happy to report.

Respectfully submitted,



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4 responses to “Pugs Trodding Through Snow in Colorful Boots, or I Hate Winter

  1. Andrea and Grover

    Brrr…it sure looks cold there!

    And what a manly Pug you are, Mason, for foregoing your “outerwear” on the morning walk!

    Andrea and Grover

  2. Sherye

    Hi Mason,

    I cannot quite tell whether you and Lizzie are wearing the orange booties or the red ones?
    In other words, the x-small size or the small?
    I would like to get some for my FrankieMcPug to keep her from slipping on our hardwood floors while playing.
    What do your humans recommend sizewise? She is a 19lb regular-build beauty 🙂

    • Pardon, Mason, but you are adorably haughty in your journal entries. (To Mason’s parents: my mother and I literally read this blog out loud tonight laughing in fits…no offense, Mason!)

      In keeping with the very necessary documentation of pugs, pug life (and therefore pug humor) here is a video of our incredibly ferocious wild pug, Miss Woo.

      Sincerely and with love,
      from the pug clan on the wild west coast,
      Beryl, Lisa and Miss Woo.

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