A Christmas Miracle, or One For All and All For One

I know many of you readers have expressed interest in or concern for me during this chaotic holiday visit on Cape Cod.  You have rightfully recognized that the addition of two more dogs, one of which is a mere infant, into the already fragile balance may have proved too great a challenge for such a benign governor as yours truly. I appreciate the concern but rest assured that all is well, except for the minor flourishes of domination over the uninitiated newcomers. It is never too early for training acolytes to respect the intellectual and physical prowess of their superior.

Having said that, it may surprise you to learn that yesterday was the first day we four canines were left alone in the house for the entire afternoon. Four of the five adults wanted to see a matinee and the other adult was leaving to join friends, which left us at home without human supervision. Lizzie and I were quite comfortable since we are left to our own devices every day of our lives. Cecily, however, is a novice at this since she has rarely been left alone since her arrival. The baby, Daphne, was tucked snugly into her crate for a long afternoon nap. All was well, it would seem. But because Cecily has assumed the maternal role with this active toddler, she expressed great concern for her charge, arguing that it didn’t seem quite fair that the three of us were free-ranging pugs while Daphne, an innocent baby Frenchie, was incarcerated for the afternoon. She explained  we were pack animals and as such should function as a pack. I felt no such response though and figured Daphne’s “lock up” would give us some much-needed peace and quiet. Lizzie being the weak willed, simple minded femaie that she is, of course sided with her “sister in crime” and prevailed upon me to help in the springing of the baby. What followed is nothing short of a miracle.

Grandma arrived home at about 4:30, the others having remained at the mall for book shopping. When she came to the back door, four wildly enthusiastic wagging and barking dogs greeted her. Grandma turned a ghastly shade of pale and entered with eyes wildly darting about, searching for evidence of blood, destruction, and excrement. She kept a running monologue going about how she knew she would find proof of our wanton orgy and unchecked pillaging. She kept asking how this had happened. She seemed genuinely shocked and amazed to find nothing amiss and all of us intact.

I cannot ever reveal how Daphne’s escape was arranged so I choose to call this our own little Christmas miracle.

Respectfully submitted,


My parents and grandparents tried to capture the Christmas spirit by posing us in a basket. The following results need no explanation. As usual Lizzie is off in her own world, Cecily and I are eyeing the prize, and Daphne is trying to escape.

Can you believe that Lizzie! What an idiot...

Ah...a man needing some assistance after such a day.The bitches really got to me.

Cecily's first Christmas with us!

And then there is that idiot Lizzie who doesn't even know what day it is. She is the last pug who should ever have a cocktail!


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6 responses to “A Christmas Miracle, or One For All and All For One

  1. Mason- I am a bit concerned about that Daphne- She seems to be putting on airs. She has her nose up in the air in those last two pictures. Poor Lizzy-so oblivious to the world around her.

  2. Roxy, Blue and Bono

    GREAT PHOTOS!!! Too funny! Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

    Your Pug fans,
    Roxy, Blue and Bono

    P.S. we bought us some condoms too! Thanks for the tip…haven’t tried them yet.

  3. Andrea and Grover

    We Pugs give so much of ourselves…our humans should respect our need to keep some things private.

    And I don’t blame you for hitting the hard stuff…having all those females around would sure give me the irrits!

    A Pug’s gotta do what a Pug’s gotta do.

    Merry Christmas,

    PS Lizzie looks like a candidate for that reality TV show, “Intervention”.

  4. Madison

    Fabulous Holiday photos! One big happy family!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Too cute – love the last photo – sounds like the family had a great time.

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