A Lyin’ (In Bed That Is) In Winter, or a Pug Says Thank You

This isn’t a blog that will amuse, confuse, sadden, horrify, or titillate you, dear reader, but rather it is a long overdue acknowledgment of all the steady influx of letters, comments, and kudos I’ve received during the one year I’ve been writing. You readers are the reason I make the efforts I do and without your feedback, I am afraid I would not have been so diligent. So, even though it runs counter to my very nature, I must thank each and every one of you for your kind and supportive words, throughout the year.

If I weren’t so limited, I would answer all of your letters, but I am dependent upon Grandma for my writing and I cannot, in good conscience,  ask her to do more for me than she already does. But I do thank you, one and all. Please continue to write me because she reads me every letter, note, and comment you send. I cannot emphasize too strongly how much I appreciate your words.

This time of year I do tend to take inventory, try to count my so-called blessings, and then figure out what direction I will take in the upcoming months. Fact: Lizzie is here to stay and all of my best efforts to depose her have failed. Some astute reader observed that she reminded her of the “fool on the hill” and I couldn’t agree more. She is, for the most part, innocuous and so I’ve learned acceptance. Fact: My health is a concern but I am going to see a surgeon for a consultation soon and perhaps see if there is something to be done for my poor spinal condition. I am not, I repeat, not complaining because I still receive two meals daily, plus assorted treats, which keep my interest piqued. Fact: I know my mom and dad love me, and if they could, would spend every free minute with me. That is comforting. Fact: The addition of Cecily and Daphne to this menagerie is troubling, to say the very least, but I am wrapping my mind around the idea that this just challenges me to be an even stronger alpha type of male (if such a thing is possible). I shall think of these bitches as my harem and I suspect that will allow me to assume a greater position of leadership in this pack. Fact: I have no plans for becoming a more tolerant pug, nor do I have any interest in one who does. I like who and what I am, and see no reason to soften my edge or attitude. Too much introspection is for sissies.

There you have it, dear reader…some deep thoughts from a pug named Mason.

Respectfully submitted,


P.S. My very clever Grandpa suggested this title and I have to admit that I like it a lot. Thanks, Grandpa.


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6 responses to “A Lyin’ (In Bed That Is) In Winter, or a Pug Says Thank You

  1. Roar on, mighty one! Your grandpa is indeed clever.

  2. Madison

    You’re the man Mason!

    Faithfully yours,
    Madison the Pug

    P.S. Very clever Grandpa!

  3. Andrea and Grover

    I once had a benign tumour on one of my toes (it was the size of a pea, which is big for a Pug)…

    My mum took me to the vet, and the vet said he’d have to operate – and remove my toe, maybe even my whole paw!

    Well, my mum took me home that night…and, for the next week, she did Louise Hay affirmations, hundreds of times a day, for my tumour.

    In three days, the tumour was half its size…and a week later, it was gone. And when mum took me back to the vet, he couldn’t believe his eyes! And I got to keep my toe and my paw!

    I recommend, for all your Pug health issues, that your mum buys a copy of Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life”…it saved mine.

    Take it easy,

  4. Roxy, Blue and Bono

    Well said Mason!

    Your Pug Fans,
    Roxy, Blue and Bono

  5. You are my hero Mason!!… I know exactly what you mean when you discuss Lizzie… I too have a sister….Tootie… She is such a loser… Just the other day she broke into the laundry room and ate the cat food out of the bag… Hmmff… Like I would ever do anything like that… I read your blog regularly with enthusiasm and admiration…

    Your Faithful Follower…

  6. Lexie, Chloe & Coco

    Oh Mason, you know we love you too! (and Lizzie too, despite your misgivings).
    We wish you nothing but health and happiness (and lots of treats) in the New Year!

    ~Lexie, Chloe and Coco (your admirers from Oregon)

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