“Old Age Ain’t No Place for Sissies” Bette Davis

“Though I look old, yet I am strong and lusty;

for in my youth I never did apply hot and rebellious

liquors in my blood; and did not, with unbashful

forehead, woo the means of weakness and debility:

therefore my age is as a lusty winter, frosty but kindly.”

William Shakespeare, As You Like It

We laugh about it, reference it in our jokes, and point out those who suffer from it. We feel secure from its progressive and relentless approach. Old age, if we live long enough, afflicts all living creatures, both great and small. Yours truly has officially entered that dreaded and much maligned realm.

It should have come as no surprise that, with my various physical limitations, I would eventually be forced into wearing “the cloth,” i.e. diaper. I know many of you are gasping and reeling in shock, but let me assure each and every one of you that there truly are  worse symbols and afflictions of senior status. I, for one, am willing to embrace the employment of any prophylactic aid that will enable me to continue living a “strong and lusty” life.

You’ve all seen the ads, giggled at the names – Depends, Poise, Dignity –  and assured yourself that life wouldn’t be worth living if any of these became part of your wardrobe. Well, this man-pug can say, without embarrassment, that the donning of nighttime diapers is not the direst fate awaiting you. Frankly, I appreciate the comfort and security these little denim drawers afford me. Knowing I won’t be shooting off a missile(s) onto the bed or floor makes me sleep a lot easier (and my parents too).

So, dear reader, embrace your senior status when you achieve it. We should rejoice in our venerable stature and laugh at the foolishness of youth, knowing that most of us eventually travel the same path.

I know who I am and I’m more than a diaper!

Respectfully submitted,


You know, of course, that I do have limits. There will be no photo of yours truly in his nighttime accoutrements.

You asked for it so here it is. My dad captured me on his iphone so the quality isn't great, but you get the idea. I actually do look pretty good!


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18 responses to ““Old Age Ain’t No Place for Sissies” Bette Davis

  1. Madison

    Dearest Mason,

    I’m sure you look absolutely adorable in your denim drawers!


  2. Suki's Mom (Anita)

    Nothing can be more adorable than a baby in diapers …. you are now adorable without them …. imagine that they will be much more …. dignity is able to recognize the shortcomings and confront them with pride …. is the life cycle progresses, and we know keep up with him …. step by step … slowly …. all in good time.
    By this I remember a fellow of yours …. her name was Fuzzy ( in Spanish Pelusita), and died on Monday …. was 20 human years of life, was bred Shit zu, in his last year was quite bald, blind and toothless …. and thus faced old age with dignity and eating porridge using coats …. she died happy because the love she received from her parents did not compare to the physical flaws …..

    Much love to you …. Mason

  3. Thank you for your moving letter, Anita. It proves what I’ve long believed. I’m glad that Fuzzy’s very short life was filled with such love.

  4. Mason,

    I know many a manpug – and human folks for that matter, too – who will envy you the comfort of not having to get up and stretch stiff legs to go outdoors when it is bitterly cold at night. To not have to worry about interrupted sleep, or less than pleasant ways to awaken and face the day.

    Mason, buddy, you set a standard for the rest of us. To embrace with pride our years, for they represent wisdom and knowledge and experiences…and hey, it’s not hardly our fault that they just don’t make physical bodies that can keep up with our marvelous mental faculties.

    Belly rubs and extra meaty marrow bones for you, my friend.


  5. Thank you, Wilbur. Your words provide comfort and reassurance. I’ve learned over the years not to sweat the small stuff and this is just a minor blip on my radar screen. I would certainly like that extra meaty marrow bone right now!

  6. Chloe & Coco

    They say picture is worth a thousand words, and since you have given us much more than a thousand words, dear Mason, you have probably earned the right to not include a picture. (however, since Lexie has had a huge crush on you since the moment we found your blog, she’s hoping you DO include one…her exact words were, “I’d love to see Mason in his sexy man pug pants!”) But don’t tell her we told you that…she’d be very embarrassed!
    ~Chloe and Coco

  7. Chloe and Coco…
    Okay, okay, I get it…everyone wants to see me in “man pants” so I will try to oblige since you are all like family to me anyway…Keep checking.

  8. Mason, my friend, I’m 9 years old, mostly blind & hard of hearing. My black Pug housemate, BJ, will be 14 in 8 days. She’s totally deaf & pretty crippled up with arthritis. We’re familiar with a few of the trials of the golden years, but Mom makes sure we deal. I know your human family will cherish you no matter what comes. Heck, wearing man pants actually sounds sorta cool! Whoop!

  9. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks Buster Brown for the great response. We pugs are survivors, I believe, and your letter just supports my theory.

  10. Dear Mason,

    Looks to me like you’re rockin’ a really cool pair of jeans, much along the lines of the great George Strait, who does a pair of Wranglers a favor!!!

    Mister Bean’s MaMaFigure

    • Thanks Mr. Bean…I’m feeling pretty good about my look as well, not that I was ashamed or anything. The support from all of you has allowed me to revel in this new phase of my life. Thanks also for the George Strait comparison…

  11. Lexie, Chloe & Coco

    You are SO stylin’ in those pug pants, Mason! Everyone should look as good as you in the clothes they wear. We were worried that you would try to look “cool” and wear the pants down below your hips like kids do today, which is just wrong. Thank goodness YOU have common sense!

    ~Lex, Chloe and Coco

  12. No worries there, dear ladies. I prefer the “gentleman” fit for all of my pantaloons. I think it leaves so much more to one’s imagination, and let’s not forget the purpose of this particular garment! Thanks for the praise though…Mason

  13. kris

    what a little angel!i agree with wilburpug above, j.p. my 5 year old pug would love to have one of those at night instead of going out! you look so handsome !

  14. I thank you, but I daresay my mom and dad would not ever call me a little angel even on one of my best days…handsome maybe. I appreciate the sentiment though…

  15. Nancy

    Our girl Pug, Tasha, was our sun, moon and stars! She passed on August 13, 2010, with all of us with her, in bed holding her. She was 16 &1/4 years old. She was pretty healthy most of her life. Her last year had her blind in one eye and deaf. Also had a little arthritis. She peed wherever she pretty much wanted, which was in our kitchen. We never knew when we would step in a puddle, but just wiped it up as we treated her as we would a beloved elderly family member. We miss her terribly, but was glad we had her as long as we did.

  16. Nancy

    Our sweetie, Tasha (Pug) passed on August 13, 2010. She was 16 and 1/4 years old. She had a pretty healthy life. During the last year, she became deaf and also blind in one eye. She pretty much peed wherever she felt, mainly in our kitchen. We didn’t mind. Just wiped it up and treated her like our elderly family member. She was with the family and in our bed when she left us. No dog was loved more. (at least in OUR eyes).

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