Taste For Taste, or Lame Lollipop Licking Lizzie

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating…Lizzie is probably the lamest pug on the planet. Now, of course, I am coming from a somewhat biased point of view, but nonetheless, she does sometimes astound me with her incredible idiocy. She is not alone, however, in this particular instance. My father was a willing and active participant in the event I am about to describe.

Mom was away the week before last, and during her absence Dad bonded closely with the little twit. She, each and every evening after work and walkies, would snuggle on the couch in a nook Dad made with his body, and there they would lie, close and content as two proverbial peas in a pod. I, having no interest in this sort of physical commingling, was content to rest, in dignified manner, on the rug.

When Mom returned from her week of travel there was an immediate shifting of couch positions in the evening. Lizzie, reverting to some atavistic or primal urge, quickly returned to Mom, seeking her spot in the crook of Mom’s legs where she curled up like the plump little partridge she is. Dad, who has a penchant for Blow Pops and is wont to suck two at a time, began sucking furiously as he viewed Lizzie’s treachery. Unfazed, Lizzie slept blissfully while the drama unfolded. From either side of Dad’s mouth protruded two walrus-like lollipop sticks, which he sucked on furiously as he pondered her betrayal and his hurt. I watched as, in final desperation, he lured Lizzie to his lap by pulling one of the pops out of his mouth and offering it to the object of his affection. Lizzie, being the weak-willed and sweet seeking pug that she is, succumbed without hesitation, taking the proffered pop into her mouth. Dad then removed it from her mouth and placed it back into his. This nauseating relay continued without interruption, until Mom, still jetlagged and drowsy, looked up in horror.

Well, dear reader, Dad got his silly pug back, but at what a price! I am still reeling from that visual. Mind you, it doesn’t disturb my sensibilities (I am a pug after all) but I cannot imagine my fastidious Dad, were he in his right mind, ever sharing ANY food item with a pug that cleans herself thoroughly on a daily basis. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

There you have it…is it true love or jealousy, or perhaps a combination of both? You be the judge.

Respectfully submitted,


The quality of this shot is poor (Mom's iphone) but at least you can get a sense of the drama.


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4 responses to “Taste For Taste, or Lame Lollipop Licking Lizzie

  1. Oh my. Mason, I just…there are no words. I have shared a bite of dinner now and then with my Mother, but repeated sharing and licking of the same piece of food?? I guess I will need to ask her why she doesn’t love me as much as your dad clearly loves Lizzie. I mean, why else would he share lollipops with her?


    • Wilbur, you are a wise pug. Your answer is both observant and diplomatic. Perhaps you are a pug judge? I agree with there being no words but I am not sure if love is the driving force here.

  2. Misty

    Hello Mason, Im sorry to bother you like this but I know that you have a lot of pug friends and Im trying to help a fellow pug in need. If you could possibly pass along the word to your other pugs, It would be greatly appreciated. Your loyal fan Misty

    I just wanted to send a note regarding this little Pug rescued by Pugs N Pals today from the Carson Shelter.

    Her picture is on http://pugdogrescue.com/ if you want to see her

    The rescue is in desperate need of donations in order to give her the needed treatment to save her life.

    Here’s Carinas story from Tina Seri, Pugs N Pals President..Just a quick note on the Carson Pug. I named her Carina. She probably has the worse case of Mange I have seen. She is only 6 months old,and has infection everywhere. There is pus coming out of every part of her body.She is loaded with fleas and ticks. She is in pain from all the sores that are bleeding. It looks like she might lose her left eye as she has an ulcer and the infection went into the eye as well, the right eye doesn’t look great either,hard to tell if she lost her vision. She is a MESS!! She is on tons of meds and we gave her a pain killer and now I am going to bathe her and try to get as much of the crust and pus off as possible. She is making herself raw from constant scratching. So lots to do.If you can help, send your donation to:

    Pugs N Pals, Carinas Fund, P.O. Box 9343, Newport Beach, CA 92658

    or through Pay Pal at

    http://pugdogrescue.com Thanks everyone.

    If your able to donate, anything will help. Poor puppy, makes me so upset when these things happen to such great animals..

    Thanks Misty

  3. Misty,
    I have just posted your letter on my blog. I hope people respond. Please keep me updated on her condition.

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