Dear Readers,

I am posting in its entirety a letter I just received. I urge all of you pug lovers to take a look and help out this poor unfortunate baby pug. Her condition is deplorable and unacceptable by any standards. Thank you for helping out.

“Hello Mason, Im sorry to bother you like this but I know that you have a lot of pug friends and Im trying to help a fellow pug in need. If you could possibly pass along the word to your other pugs, It would be greatly appreciated. Your loyal fan Misty

I just wanted to send a note regarding this little Pug rescued by Pugs N Pals today from the Carson Shelter.

Her picture is on http://pugdogrescue.com/ if you want to see her

The rescue is in desperate need of donations in order to give her the needed treatment to save her life.

Here’s Carinas story from Tina Seri, Pugs N Pals President..Just a quick note on the Carson Pug. I named her Carina. She probably has the worse case of Mange I have seen. She is only 6 months old,and has infection everywhere. There is pus coming out of every part of her body.She is loaded with fleas and ticks. She is in pain from all the sores that are bleeding. It looks like she might lose her left eye as she has an ulcer and the infection went into the eye as well, the right eye doesn’t look great either,hard to tell if she lost her vision. She is a MESS!! She is on tons of meds and we gave her a pain killer and now I am going to bathe her and try to get as much of the crust and pus off as possible. She is making herself raw from constant scratching. So lots to do.If you can help, send your donation to:

Pugs N Pals, Carinas Fund, P.O. Box 9343, Newport Beach, CA 92658

or through Pay Pal at

http://pugdogrescue.com Thanks everyone.

If your able to donate, anything will help. Poor puppy, makes me so upset when these things happen to such great animals..

Thanks Misty”


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17 responses to “Urgent

  1. Rosie and Mikey's Mom

    OMG!!!! my heart is just breaking for that little girl, i will tell everyone i know about her….so sad…:(

  2. Kristine

    God bless this little angel, dave&jp just donated I hope everyone else does the same -she needs us pug people to come together and help.;(

  3. Lexie, Chloe & Coco's mommy

    We’re donating too. I hope they can save her…poor little thing. 😦
    Thanks for passing this on, Mason.

  4. Misty

    I just wanted to say Thanks Mason … Lizzie too.. I’m sure that little pug will be touched that so many people and pugs care about her.

  5. You are so welcome, Misty. Pugs and their people always come together for a good cause. Please keep us updated on Carina and we will continue to get the word out onto the information highway.

  6. Misty

    I don’t know if you would like any updates but here is an update from the president of pugs n pals.

    Carina had a bad day. Not feeling well at all. Sleeps all day long. I get her up to eat, but she is not very interested. Today I cooked for her so she can get better nutrients and build her immune system. She liked that, but I think she has sores inside her mouth too because she seems like she wants to eat, but doesn?t eat as much as she needs too. A lot more nasal discharge today. She is very weak. Just breaks my heart. I try not to cry in front of her, but when I leave her room I just sob. Such a precious Angel. PLEASE continue to pray for her. Tina

  7. Rosie and Mikey's Mom

    oh, poor sweet carina…my heart is breaking for her. we will keep sending her positive thoughts to keep her strong and a big hug for you to help you through this with her. you are truly an angel. thank you for updating on her condition. BE STRONG, CARINA!
    carol, rosie and mikey

  8. Thank you so much…people do want to know her condition. This is so heartbreaking. Please keep updating as you are able.

  9. Vanessa

    Ohhhhh im so sad to hear this, it is heartbreaking. We donated as soon as we heard. There are some amazing humans out there who want to help with money and healing, a pug in need is always in our hearts and thoughts xxx

  10. mary

    I hate to see this pug suffer unnecessarily. I pray she makes a recovery.

  11. Bentley's Mom

    I have made a donation in both monetary amounts and prayers that she pulls thru and gets a chance to know life as it should be! My heart is with you Carina

  12. Micah John

    From: Micah John, Ezra George, Paris Marie & Tyrone Lee We sent a check to Pugs N Pals. We love your blog and think your pretty handsome in your blue pants. Give Lizzy a hug for us.

  13. Prplkow

    Truly heartbreaking. I made a donation. My puggies Otis and Vallie send lots of love to Carina. Lots of prayers going out to the sweet girl.

  14. mary

    is there a current update on carina?

  15. Misty

    Hi, I just sent an update to Mason, Im sure that it will be posted soon. It made me smile and cry all at once. keep on spreading the word.. Misty

  16. We posted Carina’s story on our blog too. Carina and her sister have been in our thoughts everyday!

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