Latest News From Carina

I just received this letter from Carina’s caregiver….

Hi guys!

Sorry that I haven’t sent an update for a few days.  Was handling the preparation for the fair and functioning on 2 hr. sleep a night.

In my opinion Carina is doing better. She had a check up on Friday, and clinically I am told she is about the same.  Her skin is about 40% better after the baths and getting the scabs pulled off a little bit at a time. She still has the UPI (upper respiratory infection) but it hasn’t turned into bronchitis or pneumonia, so we are hoping it will hold up.  We did discover a hernia on her belly, but that is nothing we will worry about now. Her eye ulcers are improving a lot, and we are pretty sure we won’t have to remove the eye at this point.

I have been cooking her a balance fresh food diet and she is now eating very well 3-4 meals a day. She actually looks forward to it now where before she didn’t look at the dog food that much. I know the cooked food will help her build her immune system faster. It is the same food my own dogs get.
Today after I bathed her, which is the most painful part of this process, she was in her bed and I was getting her e-collar ready (I have to tape gauze all the was around the neck so the plastic doesn’t hurt her sores) I actually saw her trying to pick up the nylabone I had for her.  Due to the paralysis on her face it make it difficult for her to pick up things, but I was so encourage that she tried to do that.

I think she is much more alert. I have been weaning her off  the pain meds and bought some VERY expensive powder some one told me about that helps heal faster, I started that today, so we will see how that goes.

Since I can’t hold her because she hurts every where and movement makes her skin bleed, I just sit next to her and talk to her.  As I always do to my sick babies I sing to them ‘you are my Sunshine’ on Saturday night, I was cleaning her area and started signing it to her, she started wagging her body and wanting to get to me and gave me tons of kisses!!! I cried with joy.

My gut feeling tells me she will make it, though the Drs. told me she is not out of the woods.  I rather listen to my gut feelings

Continue to pray for her PLEASE!!……………Tina


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4 responses to “Latest News From Carina

  1. Much more encouraging news!

  2. kris

    Tina you are a saint, i’m waiting to get paid tomorrow & will forward more money..
    thank you so much, what a beautiful person you are.

  3. Tina is truly a saint…the one person any pug would be grateful to have rescue him or her. I urge all of you to keep up your efforts and support. Carina would thank you all if she could.

  4. Lynne

    God bless you Tina. Sounds like Carina has improved ten fold since I first read about her. We are praying for her, for a speedy recovery. Broke my heart to first read about her.

    Lynne, Izzy and Fira

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