Today’s Update on Carina

I just received this latest news about Carina’s condition from a NYC meetup member. Here it is in full:

Dear NYC Pug Meetup Members,

Thanks once again to everyone who has been moved to send money to California to help Carina. Her predicament is dire, and your help is appreciated.

I phoned Pugs ?n? Pals yesterday and heard back last night with an update on the situation. Carina is hanging in there, but it?s a major fight for life. The worst and most obvious of her problems is her skin. A horrible case of mange has ravaged her, and left her skin scabbed and bleeding all over her body. No one can even hold her, but the PnP folks are giving her all the love in the world. They bathe her daily, feed her homemade food, sing to her, and of course, have her under the care of some very skilled vets. With continued support, they have high hopes she will be saved and, in the end, adopted. But that?s not the end of this story.

Sadly, they?ve discovered a possible sister, definitely related to Carina. They found her at a shelter close by the one where they found Carina. Apparently, the criminals who dumped Carina know they can be charged money to heal these dogs if they admit they are not strays. So they dump them at shelters saying they are strays. Obviously, they could not dump two dogs looking in the same horrendous condition at the same shelter and claim to have found them in the street, so they went from one to the next with these two girls. Let?s pray there are no more little pugs they dumped that PnP hasn?t heard about yet.

The second pug they named Carissa. She?s in a little better shape than Carina, as the shelter she found at least gave her medical care over the four days they had her. Pnp picked her up yesterday, so the girls are reunited and in wonderful hands.

But that means the medical bills are double.

The PnP people are the most wonderful, loving people. They spend their time, love and money healing some very severe cases of abuse, like Carina and Carissa.

My only involvement in all of this is the same as yours. I just want to make sure Carina and Carissa get the best care possible to survive their horrible ordeal. I?ve sent money twice, and will send money again every payday until I hear they?ve been adopted. I?m just a pug lover, like you. I have four pugs, one of which my husband found lying in the streets of Manila, Philippines. He was in similar condition to Carina and Carissa. Nearly completely bald, he was just lucky not to have all the painful scabs cracking and bleeding all over his body. But the advanced mange had taken his sight, affected his hearing, taken almost all of his hair (which five years later has not grown back completely). He was starving to death and barely recognizable as a pug. My husband wasn?t sure when he saw him in the road if he was a dog or a rock, until he saw him move. When Joe brought him home, he smelled awful (as do Carina and Carissa), he was severely depressed, and he had a slew of other medical problems, including chronic ear infections that persist to this day. It took a year and a half and a dog dermatologist to get rid of the mange.

But every penny and every snuggle has been worth it. Johnny Rotten is the most loving, snuggly, sweetest pug ever.

Carina has been wagging her tail and eating four times a day: both great signs. I have hope for these two pugs.

So I ask again, please give what you can and ask all of your friends and family to send a little money, too.

Below is a link to photos taken of Carina, so you can see just how dire her condition is. Also below is all the information you need to help.

Pugs ‘N Pals
P.O. Box 9343
Newport Beach, CA 92658
Tel: 949-262-PUGD(7843)
Email: Pugs ‘N Pals
Web Address

Thanks for taking a moment to read this.


Melinda Mele


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5 responses to “Today’s Update on Carina

  1. Mason,

    I will put together a care package from WOOF… and send it off right away. That is what Delilah was like when she came to us three years ago plus heartworms and recently pregnant. Today she is a bratty younger sister and quite full-figured with soft fur, so there is much to be done but also much hope for Miss Carina.

    Delilah and I have been at daycare for the past week while Mother traveled for work. We didn’t have internet access or we would have attended to this sooner.

    Off to go pick out our best skin salves and some mighty treats for the other pugs in the rescue’s care.

    Ooooohhhhh…and tomorrow is my birthday….perhaps I can make this year’s beneficiary Pugs n Pals – will have to talk to Mother as I think she has already promised the day’s events to another group, but we can all share for pugs’ health, right?

    Ok…Hope you are well, Mason and sorry to not chat more but I gotta get to work packing a box.

    Take care.


  2. Misty

    I was thinking about suggesting to my pug meetup group a Pugathon, a walk/run marathon to save Carina and Carisa and to donate to rescue organizations that tirelessly fight for the animals that have no voice and have had their spirits broken. I thought maybe if some of you were interested that you could start one in your city too. Anything to help these puggies get better. Maybe a portion of funds that are raised can go to Carina and Carisa and maybe the other portion of funds that are raised can go to other rescue organizations for animals. Although I have a one of a kind love for pugs, being a pug parent. I also love all animals and would love to do anything I can to help raise money for these organizations that live on donations alone. Hopefully if I can get it started this year then maybe it can become a yearly event to help keep these great rescue organizations open. Just an idea.. Misty

  3. My heart goes out to Carina and Carissa, they are both beautiful babies and will overcome this horrible neglect and continue to have a happy life with lots of love and treats!


  4. Molly P. Pug

    I too have a love for all animals and it sickens me to see ANY creature, much less a pug, in this sort of deplorable condition. Now, I do a fair amount of rescue work myself, for Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue, and I have seen some dogs in BAD shape. But I have never seen, in my 2 years of doing pug rescue, a dog in the shape that Carina is in. I have cried over the poor little girl, and urged friends and co-workers to donate money, regardless of how much or how little, to the cause. I plan to make a donation to MAPR and PNP as soon as my paycheck clears the bank.

    I’ve also had a wonderful idea for a fundraiser for MAPR. I played rugby for Virginia Tech Women’s Rugby team when I was in college and the coach is one of my best friends ever. We are collaborating to host a tournament to benefit MAPR, and…this is the best part…we’re calling it Ruggers for Puggers. I’m working on designing a t-shirt and everything. I’ll have to let everyone know how it turns out. In the meantime, I shall continue to urge everyone to donate something to both MAPR and PNP, in honor of the noble work they do to save pugs and get them into the homes that they so richly deserve.

  5. I am appalled at her condition. I have seen dogs in similar condition in Malaysia but I did not expect it in the US! Please give them my best wishes. Pictures like that remind me how lucky my dogs are.

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