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“Old Age Ain’t No Place for Sissies” Bette Davis

“Though I look old, yet I am strong and lusty;

for in my youth I never did apply hot and rebellious

liquors in my blood; and did not, with unbashful

forehead, woo the means of weakness and debility:

therefore my age is as a lusty winter, frosty but kindly.”

William Shakespeare, As You Like It

We laugh about it, reference it in our jokes, and point out those who suffer from it. We feel secure from its progressive and relentless approach. Old age, if we live long enough, afflicts all living creatures, both great and small. Yours truly has officially entered that dreaded and much maligned realm.

It should have come as no surprise that, with my various physical limitations, I would eventually be forced into wearing “the cloth,” i.e. diaper. I know many of you are gasping and reeling in shock, but let me assure each and every one of you that there truly are  worse symbols and afflictions of senior status. I, for one, am willing to embrace the employment of any prophylactic aid that will enable me to continue living a “strong and lusty” life.

You’ve all seen the ads, giggled at the names – Depends, Poise, Dignity –  and assured yourself that life wouldn’t be worth living if any of these became part of your wardrobe. Well, this man-pug can say, without embarrassment, that the donning of nighttime diapers is not the direst fate awaiting you. Frankly, I appreciate the comfort and security these little denim drawers afford me. Knowing I won’t be shooting off a missile(s) onto the bed or floor makes me sleep a lot easier (and my parents too).

So, dear reader, embrace your senior status when you achieve it. We should rejoice in our venerable stature and laugh at the foolishness of youth, knowing that most of us eventually travel the same path.

I know who I am and I’m more than a diaper!

Respectfully submitted,


You know, of course, that I do have limits. There will be no photo of yours truly in his nighttime accoutrements.

You asked for it so here it is. My dad captured me on his iphone so the quality isn't great, but you get the idea. I actually do look pretty good!


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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

My Facebook contest for the most captivating pug photo has led me to a more contemplative area of thinking than usual this past week. I have thoroughly indulged myself in viewing the pugs in these photos, some of whom are whimsical, some in costume, some enchantingly posed, and some just as themselves. I find myself thinking about the very concept of beauty and what it means. Shakespeare says it best, I believe…

“To me, fair friend, you never can be old
For as you were when first your eye I eyed,
Such seems your beauty still.”

Our standards of beauty vary dramatically from one viewer to the next, hence the old adage I adopted for my title today. My great grandmother was fond of this expression and also employed “Pretty is as pretty does” when chastising my grandma as a young self-absorbed girl. So then, what is beauty? Is there a universal standard? And why are there so many hundreds of thousands of pug owners who find their own pug children so appealingly beautiful?  Is beauty really only skin deep? I don’t think so. The longer I live the more I believe that, and I know you will all reel in shock when reading this, beauty does lie within the eye of the beholder. We see what we wish to see. Time and age cannot tarnish what one first perceives as beauty in another.

When I look upon my fellow pugs, dear reader, I see all of the flaws, blemishes, signs of age and decay, but I also see evidence of love, hope, devotion, spirit, and beauty. I cannot believe I am uttering these words (living with Lizzie has definitely weakened my mind and spirit), but there you have it…deep thoughts from a pug named Mason.

Thank you one and all for sharing your photos and captions. Again, not to sound maudlin and overly sentimental like a pug we know well, I am proud to count all of you as my fans.

Respectfully submitted,


Yours truly as a young I less handsome now? I think not.


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