Carina and Carissa Update

CARISA (Carina’s Sister )… and below that an update on Carina

Hello every one! We continue to get donations and calls about our beautiful Carina. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Before giving a little bit of info. on Carina, we want to give you some new news. Yesterday we rescued Carina’s sister, Carisa (see picture) from another shelter. We were alerted last week of her existence. We have been working very hard to get her out and we did. It appears that the same person dumped them both at different shelters two days a part. It is impossible to know for sure. But the coincidence are too numerous, they look a lot a like, same age, very similar issues, except luckily Carisa is not in critical condition. She just needs a lot of care. Her skin is bad, but not nearly as bad as her sister. Less ticks and fleas. Her eyes are a lot worse and she appears to be almost totally blind, she has SEVERE Pigmentation Karititis on both eyes, even that Vets were shocked as to how bad it was for her age, so most likely poor breeding and genetic, as it is uncommon to have this so bad at such a young age and they both have it. We did take her to the eye specialist to make sure we were not missing anything. That Vet too was very surprised at how bad they are. She will need Cyclosporine for life in both eyes. But due to her condition we can not administer yet, is it prevents healing and now we need to concentrate on her skin and other issues. Luckily we got her in time as to not to get like Carina. Of course this mean double the cost on these babies, so we need your help that much more now! Carisa is a bit on the wild side, not very socialized, tends to be a bit aggressive in a puppy way. She bit my cheek pretty bad yesterday, so lots of work in that dept too. These are not the only dogs in need of care, but some dogs hit people’s heart more than others. We have many in-house that have on-going care. One had his second leg surgery yesterday as he came in with a severely broken leg 6 months ago where the bone was deteriorating from being broken for so long. The first surgery didn’t take as well, as his bones were so brittle. With good care and good nutrition the bones got strong enough for a second surgery. The second surgery was very successful. Once this heals he will have to have back surgery. Two others had back surgery last month. Each surgery is around $4,000-$6,000. We stop at nothing to get them well, but right now we are $35,000 in debt and that was before Carina and Carisa, so your help is extremely needed.

Now regarding Carina, she is improving daily, more active, eating very well, think the home cooked meal really helped in her on-going recovery. Her skin still looks really bad and it has been over a week. Just raw! The baths are very painful to her but needed. She is truly an ANGEL, so loving so grateful for everything we do. Accepting of everything that is being done to help her. She is going for a battery of test on Friday to access her condition further. I continue to be very optimistic. Even though the Vets are still cautious about her condition, I feel it in my heart that she will make it. It will be a long journey and not an easy one, but we can do it.

Again thank you all very much and as time progresses please continue to support us. After the initial shock of these babies wears off, there is still a long way to go to make them well.


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4 responses to “Carina and Carissa Update

  1. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on her status – I wrote a little blog for her today and made a donation on the website. We’re praying for her total recovery and her sister’s as well.

  2. kim

    Sending check now! Happy Easter

  3. Lynne

    I cannot do much financially on my end, but I can pray, as I have been doing. Thank you for being the true ‘angels’ you really are. Have a Blessed Easter.

  4. Misty

    I thought this was well said from ladypugmugs. She comments on her pug Clementine.

    “Clementine also had a severe case of demodex mange, fleas, ticks, anemia, low blood cell count and essentially all the same symptoms as Carina. Carina is also about the same exact age Clementine was when she was found and rescued by the wonderful people at Pug Lover’s Rescue in South Carolina.
    But what I want to say is this: Clementine survived. She is now a healthy, happy pug with a loving family. And she only made it to where she is today because some very generous people donated money for her care and recovery.
    Please, please, please – in honor of Good Friday or just in honor of your own pug-baby who could easily have found themselves in the same situation as Carina and Clementine – DONATE! Help these helpless animals.
    Lots of people would have looked at Carina or Clementine and called them hopeless, had them put down, not given them a second chance. But thankfully there are rescue volunteers who can see beyond the lack of fur, beyond the eye infections, beyond the scars and infections and see a little wagging tail.
    Please be one of the people who sees the potential in these dogs that the rest of the world has given up on. DONATE NOW.”

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