Post Easter Update for Carina and Carissa

Here is the letter I just received from Misty Marten, who is kind enough to forward Tina’s updates:

Hi every one and
Happy Easter!

Both girls are doing
very well. Carisa much better than Carina, as she didn’t have the severe infection nor all the other health issues Carina has.  We move Carisa to her foster home with Miki, as she doesn?t need the intensive care Carina does and it is not contagious. Miki is the queen of Mange so she is in good hands.

Carians vet
check up on Friday went very well, they are extremely pleased with her progress and though she still looks terrible, she is MUCH better. Very alert and  responding well. We changed the type of antibiotics we are giving her to see if it helps more.  She still has open sores all over her body and many many live mites on her, interesting to see them on the microscope, can’t imagine what they must feel walking all over her, they are microscopic and live under the skin.  Her ears are almost healed, maybe one more week of care, but her ear drums are intact now.

It is heartwarming watching her wanting to play with toys. She was afraid of them at first as I don’t think she has ever seen one, but now she brings them to her bed. She has a hard time picking them up due to the paralysis on the left side of her face, but she manages. Every one adores her at the vet and admires her fighting spirit, no one gave her a chance to make it.  She is no longer critical, but still very sick, barring any further infections or problems she will make it, she will have a very long journey, but the future is bring for her.

I ask you to please continue praying for little Carina, she is not out of the woods, but we are extremely hopeful and we pray her body holds up to all that is to come. We again appreciate your support, financial and in any other way many of you have supported us. Please continue to pass the words about these little ones as their journey has just begun. It is has been a very Happy Easter for these two angels.



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6 responses to “Post Easter Update for Carina and Carissa

  1. So glad to hear that Carina is doing better. Will continue to say prayers for her and Carisa. It is still beyond me how someone could let any type of animal get into that kind of condition. Thank goodness for all of the rescue organizations out there and their volunteers who take in these precious animals and nurse them back to health!

  2. Wonderful! What an Easter blessing. As always, thanks for sharing the updates.

  3. Rosie and Mikey's Mom

    what wonderful news! so glad to hear that carina and her sister are on the mend. we will continue to keep them in our prayers and hope for the day that carina can feel a loving hug. thank you pugs n pals for being such angels to these babies and for keeping us updated, and thank you mason for continuing to post about them….a special belly rub to you!:)

  4. Bentley's Mom

    love and kisses to you girls….

  5. We have just returned from our Spring Break Campout with our grandchildren and I am very happy to hear these two dear little pugs are better. Thank you for posting an update. I have been thinking of them.
    Mister Bean’s MaMaFigure

  6. Jeanine and Jewel

    Thank you so much for helping Carina and Carissa! As a volunteer for a pug organization on the East coast, please know we are helping to spread teh word, and everyone is praying for these two!! Our rescue groups has encountered similar cases, and any pug in need, East or West Coast, our hearts go out to!! Thank you for the wonderful updates, and for giving these two a chance to be “re-born.” Thinking of you and you are doing to help them. Sincerely, and with pug hugs and kisses, Jeanine and Jewel

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