Thursday Update

Thank you NYC Meetup for continuing your support of Carina and Carisa…. here is another update from Pugs ‘N Pals…. They still need lots of support. If you know a celebrity who loves animals, maybe you could contact that person and ask for help getting the word out…. Melinda

April 7th


Carina continue to improve. Her spirits are up a great deal. Still hates her baths 🙂 They hurt and I can understand that. She wants to play with her toys now, but it is difficult for her having the left side of her face paralyzed. We had a bit of a set back yesterday when she developed bad diarrhea, we are working at trying to figure out what is causing it. Could be one of the antibiotics, or the mites in her belly causing havoc. We stopped the antibiotics for a day and give her powder with the good bacteria for her belly that the antibiotics kills. It is dangerous at this point to take her off the antibiotics, but we can’t have her get dehydrated either. We will put her back on the antibiotics on Friday and see what happens.

She still loves her song “you are my Sunshine” and gets all happy when she hears it. Also the other good news is that I was able to hold her and cuddle with her. Can’t do it for long as her body is so hot and the skin so sensitive, but it was wonderful for her and me to have that contact. She is truly an Angel. This picture was taken yesterday, you can see the improvement of her skin, though it may look bad it looks SO much better.

Thanks every one for you support. Please keep her in your prayers and continue to get people to donate.

Tina Seri- Pugs ‘N Pals


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7 responses to “Thursday Update

  1. MISTY

    Aww, She definately looks better.. I can’t wait till she and her sister can go to a forever home, poor babies. I’ll be starting a fundraiser soon.. Misty

  2. Thanks for the update. She does look a 1,000 times better!

  3. Yes, you can definitely tell a difference. So wonderful! I hope her tummy issues get resolved ASAP so she can get back on her meds.

  4. Thanks for the update – good to hear that she is getting better!

  5. Rosie and Mikey's Mom

    oh, i have tears in my eyes knowing that she got a gentle hug and she is being held in the picture…keep strong little girl!

  6. Lexie, Chloe & Coco's mommy

    It must be so wonderful to finally get to hold and cuddle with her, even for just a little while. I’m so glad she and her sister are getting better…tell them we’re all thinking of them and sending them good puggy vibes!

  7. sue

    I am so glad to hear carina is improving she does look a little better in the new picture I am glad you got to hold her for a short while

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