Sunday Morning Update About Carina

April 10th

This is the latest about Carina, just received from Misty Marten…Thanks so much for keeping us updated…

Carina had another follow up appt. with the Vet and once again they can’t believe how well she is doing. She is such a trooper. Her eye ulcers have healed!! she still on eye drops as they are very dry. Ears are improving greatly, one ear still has a bit of an infection, but not a big deal. The skin is looking LOTS better. Her anemia is improving and so is her upper respiratory infection. She lost a bit of weight this week due to the diarrhea she has been having, but it is improving a bit, hopefully she will re-gain the weight next week.

She did start being a bit incontinent, don’t know why. We sent a Urine Analysis to the lab and see what it is going on, could be a urinary track infection or the hernia she has on her belly might be causing some problems. Not much we can do about the latter for now.

Her personality is starting to come out. She is trying to play with toys, hard for her to hold them with the facial paralysis, but she manages. She acts silly and when I am cleaning her area she bites my hair and pulls it 🙂 So CUTE! Now that I can hold her, it is not easy as she is a wiggle worm. She is cocking her head on the above picture because I am signing “You are my Sunshine” as I am taking the picture and she LOVE her song! (what you see inside the e-collar is gauze so it doesn’t hurt her sores)

As I mentioned before it is a long journey, but considering how she was a little over a 2 weeks ago, this is truly a miracle.

We thank you all for continued prayers and support!

Tina Seri – Pugs ‘N Pals


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4 responses to “Sunday Morning Update About Carina

  1. Rosie and Mikey's Mom

    oh, look at her cute little face!!!! she is looking sooo much better. keep on keeping on little one! we are all pulling for you 🙂

  2. Erin

    What great news! What a sweetie….and so patient with everything she’s been through!


  3. such a little fighter!!!!

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