Most Recent Update for Carina and Carisa

May 12th

Hi every one! Sorry for the delay. I am just going to write something very quick and give more info and pictures later. We have been hit with some very major emergencies. We got a dog with his paw detached, had to have emergency surgery to re-attach it and I am caring for him around the clock too. Then a 1 yr. old little girl came in dragging her back legs, after a Mylogram, we found the problem and she went straight to back surgery, and she too will be coming to me for recuperation. Another dog was attacked by two other dogs and he is now critical, so been dealing with all of this and trying to figure out how to pay for it all, as yesterday alone we spent $11,000 on the 3 sick dogs! ARRRGGHHHHH

Now to Carisa, she was totally clear, looks great. We will work on building her immune system for the next 2-3 months then we will have her spayed and have to enlarge the nostrils as she cant breath too well.

Carina is also doing very well, unfortunately she is still not clear of mange, still positive! Taking way too long. 😦 Her hair is still growing, she will just take a long time and there might be not much more I can update you guys about as it will be a VERY slow process with her as her immune system is really shot. We did do the bile Acid test on Monday and it came back negative, so that is good news, at least no Liver Shunt!

Thank you to everyone for caring!!

Tina Seri – Pugs ‘N Palsa


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6 responses to “Most Recent Update for Carina and Carisa

  1. Oh my goodness! So much going on for you guys! And sad stories for puggies. We’re glad to hear Carina is doing so much better.

    Shannon and the Gang

  2. sue

    thank you for the up date my heart goes out to the three pugs you are taking care of hope they make a full recovery thank goodness for people like you who help these poor fur babies they are precious gifts

  3. I am sure these two pugs are in all my readers’ thoughts. I will continue to update as I receive information.

  4. Thank you so much for keeping us updated!! We are keeping the girls and all of the others in our thoughts!!!

    Jess & Lilo

  5. Yoda & Brutus

    Thanks for the updat Mason. We have been wondering how those two sweet girls were doing.

    Pugs & Kisses

    Yoda & Brutus

  6. Thank you so much for the updates… Bless your heart for caring for these Angels… We have been praying for the 2 girls, and will now be praying for the other 3 sweeties..

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