Sisterhood of the Traveling Pack, or I’ll Never Understand Females

Just when I thought I had a fairly good handle on the various personalities, positions, and alignments of my pack I get blindsided by aberrant female behavior. Now those of you who are long-time readers of my blog, know of my grudging tolerance /respect for Lizzie. You also know that after nearly three years of living with her I have a pretty clear understanding of how she functions, which is with serious limitations! So, it came as a huge shock when the most recent events unfolded.

This weekend on the Cape was unremarkable in that no parties or outings were scheduled, and we were, for the most part, at home relaxing. On one such day, our little hedgehog Lizzie discovered a neglected marrowbone, still filled with much marrow and redolent of its earthy nest in the yard. She, quietly and unobtrusively, proceeded to work on its juicy treasures, seemingly unnoticed by the rest of the pack. Daphne, however, the nine-month old Frenchie and the bane of my existence, caught a glimpse of this activity and moved over swiftly to take control of said bone. Out of nowhere, with the ferocity of a cougar and the roar of a lion, Lizzie sprang for her. I must say that Daphne and I have gone at one another many times since our arrival, with neither of us backing down, but in this instance she retreated, looking confused and bewildered. Not convinced this was a real response from Lizzie, Daphne again approached and received the same warning. Imagine, dear reader, a very small, round, shy and foolish little pug with probably about five teeth in her head, terrifying a fearless French bulldog. I felt certain I was mistaken in what I had witnessed.

But lo, again a very interesting scene unfolded, involving the three females. Each morning the three of them hop up in an overstuffed chair and do a three-way wrestling activity that can go on for fifteen or twenty minutes. It is fascinating to watch…just the three females…in a very intense but loving ballet. This morning, however, Daphne got a little too intense with Cecily, who then took the maternal role of chastising her a bit with stronger bites and some high-pitched howling. Again, surprising this old veteran of dog play/fights, Lizzie jumped on Cecily’s back, wrapping both front paws around her and began to lick her ears and face in an attempt to comfort her. She sensed how upset Cecily was with Daphne’s rough play. I cannot understand, for the life of me, how these three consistently play, fight, comfort, and then repeat it all again! What is it about being a female that allows such an incredible mood change? Females are the final frontier for this old male.

And there you have it… an observation from a venerable vantage point.

Respectfully submitted,


Here is how it begins...

And then it escalates a bit.

And then they are all "lovey dovey." Go figure.


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14 responses to “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pack, or I’ll Never Understand Females

  1. sue

    Mason I havent figured it out yet either I have three male pugs and two females well my Emma who I have had since she was 8 weeks old thinks she is the queen of the pack even over my two boxers which one is 92 pounds she makes sure she puts the whole gang in place she can even become quite nasty but then you will see her snuggled up next to them or giving them a bath and my other female is always trying to mother the gang havent figured it out yet guess it is just females as my boys just tell it like it is

  2. Roxy, Blue and Bono


    Love the 3rd photo…everyone looks too cute, sweet and innocent! uh-huh…

    Your pug fans,
    Roxy, Blue and Bono

  3. Mason, women are a mystery not meant to be unraveled! We are simply meant to be tolerated and adored!!!!


  4. sue

    sorry I forgot to check off the notify me this mourning so had to send another comment

  5. Dear Mason, this here is your good pal Howie Pee. I think you could best observe this strange pheenommynom by having one more female thrown into the mix. After all, what’s one more whirling, farting dervish when you have so many? So I shall forthwith be mailing to you AnnieSmelly. I have not decided yet whether I will poke holes in the shipping box.
    yours sincerely,
    H. Pee

    • Howie…So good hearing from you and I realized how much I miss your rational and insightful voice. You are, after all, a man pug cut from the same cloth! I will, however, have to kindly refuse your generous offer/gift of AnnieSmelly. I believe Grandma would just take the big dirt nap if another of said creatures arrived on her door step. I am afraid she must remain in your pack, old man.
      Keep in touch. We must support one another through the more trying challenges of life.

  6. Lexie

    Oh dear Mason, even though I am a female pug (and a pretty one at that), I have to agree with your assessment. My two younger sisters provide the same mysterious behavior as yours do. I watch them wrestle with the ferocity of a couple of grizzlies, only to snuggle up together when it’s all over. Of course, being the mature one that I am, I would never partake in such foolish and childish behavior!
    So hang in there, dear Mason. Be content that while you can’t unravel the mystery of the feminine mystique, at least they provide good entertainment!

    • Thank you, Lexie…you sound a most reasonable female. I fear, however, that this behavior will not be outgrown since Cecily is 4 and Lizzie is over 5…too old for this craziness…but thank you for the support.

  7. Dear Mason,

    I have never been able to figure out anything with ovaries.

    Mister Bean

  8. This is absolutely the best photo series!

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