Carina Update

June 16th


Hi everyone!

Miss Carina is doing well, still struggling with the mange, so far we have not gotten a negative reading, very frustrating. We have tried different meds, but it is going very slow. She should have been cleared by now. Her immune system is shot so she is healing slowly. But very happy and active girl, full of life!! A couple of weeks ago she got Giardia again, so now she is on Meds for that too! The left side of her face still paralyzed and it looks like it will stay that way. Part of her tongue is atrophy so eating and drinking is a bit difficult for her, but she still eats like a Pug! 🙂 In a few weeks we are going to visit the Neurologist to check her out as she seems to have some nerve pain on the left side of her body. We will also visit the opthomologist as she is getting a white spot in one of her eyes. She is very sight impaired, which we knew, but we want to make sure we are not missing anything. Her hair is growing in very nicely, she does have some spots, specially on her head that is not growing. She has many scars due to the severe infection she had. It might just stay that way, she is beautiful nonetheless.

Once again we thank you for caring and for your support. Her vet bill is really high so any continued financial support would be very much appreciated. Also thank you to those of you that sent care packages, she loves getting them and appreciates the toys and sweaters she gets, typical girl!

For those of you that sent money via check, we are sorry that we can’t send thank you letters, time is short and the mailing expenses high. So please pass this on to everyone you told about Carina and let them know how much we appreciate their donation. If they need a donation receipt have them send me their e-mail address and I will send it. Thanks everyone!!!

Tina Seri – Pugs ‘N Pals



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5 responses to “Carina Update

  1. sue

    I got filled up reading the up date I know she still has a long ways to go but she looks so much better then before she is on beautiful puggy girl hope to send something real soon I am so thankful for all the vets and people that are taking such good care of her and giving her lots of love she so deserves it give her a hug and kiss from me sue amd my furry gang all eight of them

  2. Thank you so much for keeping us posted!!! Poor baby! I hope they can get things under control soon. This baby has been through enough!!

  3. Yoda & Brutus

    Thank you for the update! We had been wondering how that sweet little girl was doing. Glad to see she is healing, albeit slowly.

  4. Rosie and Mikey's Mom

    oh my, she looks sooo much better, just look at that beautiful face!! i’m so happy she is on the mend. what a spirit she must have…typical puggie! and tina, you are truly a miracle worker! thank you so much for updating us and for all that you do for these pugs!
    sending you and carina (and her sister) lots of pug hugs…
    carol, rosie and mikey

  5. Mike Masishin

    I just found this, Tina . Thank you for the e mail to me and to NYC Meetup. Ill be back here often and Ill send more $

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