Fundraising for Carina

Dear Readers,

For those of you who are not fans of Mason and Lizzie on Facebook (shame), I want to share with you what my grandparents are doing to help out little Carina at Pugs ‘n Pals rescue, ( My grandpa has designed two stickers in homage to his own dog family, based upon the classic Milton Glaser “I Heart” design, of a pug and a Frenchie.

For every sale of these wonderful bumper stickers, $1. will go directly to Carina for her ongoing medical bills. This is an opportunity for you to own a great sticker which you will be proud to display and, at the same time, help out a really needy little pug. Carina’s spirit in indomitable and she certainly deserves our help.

The web links are: and

Thank you so much, everyone. We are a great community.

Respectfully submitted,



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10 responses to “Fundraising for Carina

  1. sue

    thanks Mason I will visit the website to get a sticker I also have been sending in donations to carrinas fund she deserves the best she is so sweet she has had to go through so much I am very glad the rescue and vets are taking the best of care for her

  2. Rosie and Mikey's Mom

    what an awesome idea! i will surely be ordering and passing the word. give grandma and grandpa extra kisses from us!
    carol, rosie and mikey

  3. Lexie, Chloe & Coco

    Hi Mason,

    What a wonderful thing for your grandpa to do! And what awesome stickers! Our mom works with a few people who also have pugs, and she’s hosting a party here for her “pug people” at the end of the month…so she ordered 6 of your stickers as party gifts! They will be perfect, and she knows her friends will love them. (Luckily she remembered to order one for us too, as well as a frenchie one for her friend who has a pug AND a frenchie!)
    Thanks so much for making these…little Carina is lucky to have you in her corner!

  4. What a grand idea. We will be ordering stickers as well. Carina is a spunky little Pug.

  5. To all of you who have ordered stickers, the pug or Frenchie will be white, rather than black. Grandpa says it is more pleasing aesthetically…

  6. Misty

    What a great idea. I’m sure Carina would send some pug love if she could. I’ll be sure to order some stickers. Are there going to be any other designs?

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