Dear Readers…

For those of you who do not follow Lizzie and me on Facebook, I am alive and quite well. Grandma has had a guest-filled summer, leaving her no time for my important transcriptions. Please don’t be cross with her because she has neglected my postings. Lizzie and I leave with Mom and Dad for NYC on Monday (assuming we survive Earl!) and once again Grandma will have time for my blog.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and send good thoughts to Cape Cod tomorrow.

Respectfully submitted,



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7 responses to “Vacation

  1. 2pugsinapod

    Wishing you a quiet and peaceful weekend. Hoping that Earl is nothing more than a breeze and a sprinkle when he gets to you.

  2. Mason, Mom’s been glued to the Weather Channel & we’re hoping Earl makes a right turn soon afore he gets too close to Cape Cod. We’re thinking of you all. (Yes, even the girls.)

  3. sue

    Mason I missed hearing about your adventures I hope Earl dosen’t hit the cape and hope you will be safe its hard to believe the summer has come to an end and fall is here hope you enjoy your holiday weekend before heading home be safe sue and the fur babies

  4. Prayers for the taming of Earl before he gets to your area…safe travel back to NYC. Looking forward to hearing about the adventures of Mason the Man and sweet little Lizzie.

  5. Jean

    I am glad you are well. I have been missing you and Lizzie. Good luck with Earl, as the Dixie Chicks say Good-bye Earl….

  6. Elizabeth Sommers

    Oh Mason…

    I’ve been thinking of you (and the girls) as I’ve watched Earl climb up the eastern seaboard. I’m sending up prayers that y’all will be safe and sound. Be brave…as I know you will be…for everyone in your household.

    Elizabeth….from Tennessee!!!

  7. Lisa

    Hello Mason,
    Glad to hear you are heading back to the city! Probably safer there. I know such a macho pug as you can take anything nature throws at him though!
    Take care of the girls!
    You are the boss!

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