There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home

This venerable old pug is hanging up his rucksack, lining up his meds, fluffing up his bed, and resting his dogs…so to speak. My wandering is over for some time, and while I had an action-packed summer it is time to relax in my new digs and resume my “master of the house” role.

With the addition of two more dogs to our pack, I don’t mind admitting that I’m exhausted…both mentally and physically. Daphne, the Frenchie, would try the patience of a saint and with her indefatigable energy and aggression, I was tried sorely on a daily basis. She was territorial, quarrelsome, and fast. In my youth perhaps I could have provided her a worthy opponent, but at my age and with my infirmities I had neither the ability nor interest. Cecily was as insipid and obsequious as Lizzie, so you can only imagine how those two huddled and cuddled together. Lizzie is still suffering the pangs of separation. Oh boo hoo, Lizzie. Cry me a river.

So, our summer was of a different tone and tenor this year, but the good news is that no one suffered any health issues (except for my ongoing eye treatments).

Our new home involves an upstairs bedroom, where Lizzie and I must be carried each evening for bed (if not, I set up a most fearful and annoying barking) because the stairs are open and way too steep for either of us to navigate. We love having the additional bedroom/office because now we can replicate those blissful days with Grandpa spent sleeping in little beds under his desk.

Because Mom has been sick since we returned, we’ve had some wonderful days spent caring for her at home; for us that translates into couch time on and under blankets with our patient.

While this isn’t the most newsworthy blog, at least you have been brought up to date with our whereabouts and activities. I will next regale you with more stories from our life in Gotham.

Respectfully submitted,


Day of departure...I ruined Grandma's photo op...but I think I'm pretty cute

The acceptable version

Looks innocent, doesn't she? You would be fooled if you believe that.


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7 responses to “There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Oh mason we MISSEd you!!thanks for the update!!you look as handsome as ever glad your getting a bit of rest now

  2. You guys are absolutely adorable.

  3. sue

    Mason I just love the pictures was glad to read your blog I was wondering how you were doing sounds like you had a tiring summer but now you are home with mom and dad and you can rest up hope your mom feels better real soon hugs to you from the gang

  4. Lexie, Chloe & Coco's Mom

    Oh dear Mason, I’m sure your Mom is glad to have you and Lizzie there to nurse her back to health. I know when I’m sick, there’s nothing I love more than than snuggling with my little puggie girls…makes me feel better every time!

    Now I know it’s hard, but you should try being sympathetic to Lizzie while she’s missing Cecily. I’m sure she has sympathy for you while you miss your…um…well, any food item you might miss! 😉

    p.s. Love the pictures…your BOTH are adorable…Yes, I said “both”, even Lizzie!

  5. Pugsly

    It’s good to hear you made it back to Gotham without any difficulty and are settling in with mom. I hope her aliments are not serious, but pug love is the best medicine. As always we are looking forward to you regaling your adventures in your winter digs.We send you our best(Lizzie too)
    XXX Pugsly

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