A Pug On the Edge, or Climb Every Mountain

For those of you who follow my Facebook postings, you know that my day of thanks was splendid. The most excellent Rachel, mother of sissy Otis, and chef  extraordinaire, had prepared a canine feast befitting a king, and certainly a pug of my breeding and standing. Unfortunately Lizzie and Otis had to share this gourmet extravaganza of chicken, carrots and sweet potatoes…all cooked and seasoned to perfection. I say it was casting pearls before swine, having to include those two peasants. But I digress.

This morning found us, once again, in the care of a single parent since Dad left for Milan last night. It is always with some trepidation that I face these separations…not because I don’t adore both of my parents…but because with two humans, mornings are efficient and flow seamlessly. Honestly, Dad seems to run like a well-oiled machine and Mom operates in a jerky kind of fits and starts way. She has my heart and always will but I’m being painfully honest now.

At any rate, this morning followed her usual pattern of care giving, and while we were walked, fed, and medicated, it was done in a way that makes me less eager to cooperate. Because Mom’s bathroom is upstairs within their bedroom, she left Lizzie and me in bed while she quickly showered. This is not how Dad does it, so I was immediately thrown off. She assumed we would lie quietly in bed until she was finished and dressed. That slug Lizzie was only too happy to comply, but I, however, decided to explore a bit. At the foot of their bed is a bureau, which I am embarrassed to say contained all of the clean clothes delivered from the laundry which they had not put away. They made a formidable mountain and it seemed the best way to reach Mom was to climb that mound of clothes. I quickly realized the error of my thinking when I found myself hanging tenuously by a very small article of clothing. I began my frantic warbling, which then became howls of pug terror. She flung open her bathroom door just in time to catch me from a very serious fall. I must say that going down the stairs and then outside for a walk was the last thing I wanted to do after that near brush with tragedy.

Mom, I will try to be more compliant this week. Dad, I’m counting the days until your return.

Respectfully submitted,


Here I am on the dreaded pile of clothes before they were hauled upstairs...the site of my near mishap.


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6 responses to “A Pug On the Edge, or Climb Every Mountain

  1. Ohhh Mason….”Casting pearls to swine” OMD – I literally laughed out loud! Just loved it!

    We understand how difficult it can be to adjust to a short-term, new routine, darlin. But we’re counting on you to give it a great pug try for your Mom.

    And we’re very relieved to learn you survived, unscathed, your scale of the great laundry pile. Who would’ve thunk? Mom may need to sleep with one eye open till Dad returns home 🙂

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my enormous smile after seeing the pic of you safely atop the laundry summit! You remain one special boy in our eyes, sweet Mason.

    Lisa and her pack

    • Thank you, Lisa, for your very thoughtful letter. I am certainly trying to be “mama’s little man” and will do everything within my power to make her job easy.
      It is, however, very challenging without Dad’s expert touch. Lizzie is worthless and nothing affects her.
      I, too, am grateful to be in one piece.
      Thanks again for writing…

  2. sue

    Mason I am so glad you are all right I know when the routine changes for my pugs they look at me like they don’t understand whats going on I think we all are creatures of habit and of course as always you are very handsome in the picture Sue and the gang

    • Sue,
      I appreciate your thoughts and the kind reference to my physical attributes. Your pugs do understand what is going on…they just don’t like it. Sorry to be the bearer of this news.

  3. Lexie, Chloe & Coco's Mom

    If it’s any consolation, Mason, my girls have only their Mommy (me) this week as well. Though their Daddy isn’t anywhere as fabulous as Milan (he’s in Kingman, Arizona…kind of the opposite of Milan!), they miss him terribly!
    Hang in there. And stay away from the laundry!

    • Thanks mom of Lexie, Chloe and Coco…
      My dad does not speak highly of Milan…in fact I would guess he’d rather be in Kingman right now. At any rate, we must all soldier on and I plan to be as compliant as possible.
      And climbing on the laundry is not in my future plans…

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