It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

What a glorious weekend for this remarkable old curmudgeon of a pug. Traveling with Mom to the Cape on Friday was only the beginning of our journey. We surprised Grandpa at his art show opening and then celebrated his birthday on Saturday. Even though the temperature was quite cold, we enjoyed a hike through the woods at Eagle Pond, my favorite destination. The smells were particularly pungent and I wandered unfettered off the trails, exploring each scent that took my fancy.

Sunday was the icing on the proverbial cake, though. It was the annual Christmas party at our Cape Cod vet’s hospital. When the four of us trotted into the waiting room, the audible ooh’s and aah’s gladdened my attention-seeking heart. People were visibly moved by the spectacle we created and naturally, I garnered the lion’s share of this acclaim.

I quickly assessed the situation, ascertained that the popcorn machine was running smoothly, dog biscuits were plentiful, and human food covered a huge buffet style table. All was well. I knew we’d have to earn our rewards, however, because Santa was sitting in front of the fireplace waiting to hold us for the taking of pictures. Ah, what price fame! We were four highly compliant canines and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Mom happily threw popcorn and dog treats into our snapping maws while people came to admire our catching skills and general cuteness. Grandma, however, always the voice of reason, started to “harsh my mellow” by suggesting that perhaps we’d had enough since she would have to deal with  the consequences later in the evening. I flashed my glistening eyes in Mom’s direction, beseeching her with a silent eloquence, that she should ignore Grandma and just keep feeding us. Mom unfortunately decided it was time to go since she had to catch a train in Providence for New York.

That night, sleeping in Grandpa’s office, I was awakened several times by stomach rumblings and distress. Even the trusty but loathsome diaper could not contain what my bowels were producing. When Grandpa came to fetch us this morning, my diaper was in the corner and evidence of my discomfort left a vivid trail around his office. I felt bad but unfortunately there was no help for it.

They say it is the season for giving and receiving. I received and I gave.

Respectfully submitted,


Have you ever seen more fetching beasts? I think the photo would be significantly improved, however, if Grandma would crop out the three others.


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6 responses to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. sue

    Mason first I must say I love the picture now about your present in grandpas office I am sure it couldn’t be helped guess all the goodies didn’t agree with you hope your tummy is feeling better Sue and the gang

  2. sue

    I forgot to check off the notify so I will do it now sorry

  3. Oh for gosh sakes…..just when I think I’ve smiled as broadly as I can from these gems ~ I think my face could split after seeing your holiday picture! Your expression, while sitting on Santa’s lap, is absolutely PRICELESS & you are just tooo pugilicious!

    We’re very sorry to hear of your evening discomfort. But sometimes living the good life can get to the best of us, darlin. Nice to know you were better soon after.

    Sue – I have to say… Within our circle of dog friends, we don’t have any pugs, but now I so wish we did. Reading Mason and Lizzie’s stories recounted through your eyes and viewing their pictures makes the Pug breed sooooo intriguing to us – or is it just Mason? We’ve most certainly become pug-aholics via this blog…or are we Mason-aholics? 🙂

    Big hugs!!
    Lisa and the pack 🙂

    • Lisa…
      You are too kind, but more than likely your new attraction for pugs is for me rather than the breed. Modest as I am, I still would be remiss if I said all pugs were of my caliber…Thanks so much for reading my humble efforts.
      Thank you so much for your very kind words; they mean a lot to me.
      Pugs are pretty interesting little creatures and the more I know them the more I really love them. Mason is quite special but they all seem to have unique personalities. Aside from the breathing issues, they are fairly low maintenance and offer a great deal of companionship.
      Thanks for being Mason-aholics!

  4. Roxy, Blue and Bono

    Such a cute and fun photo!!! 🙂
    Happy Holidays!

    Your Pug Fans,
    Roxy, Blue and Bono

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