A Pug’s Wish List, or What Pugs Really Want for Christmas

Because you humans attach such significance to holidays, it seemed appropriate to address the age-old question of what to get the pug. First of all, I need to dispel the notion that we actually care about receiving a present as we watch you tear madly into your excessive haul. We do, however, enjoy the excitement it engenders, and we really love walking around in the aftermath of strewn papers and ribbons. That having been said, I feel obligated to share with you what we, of the pug breed, most love at this time of the year.

  • Cuddling on the sofa, in front of a roaring fire, with one or both of our parents. If a nap ensues, then even better. If you’ve no fireplace, no worries…we are still happy for your undivided time and body.
  • If you’re baking Christmas treats, let us stand with you in the kitchen and be your taste-tester. If a few crumbs fall our way, then we are also happy.
  • Long, leisurely walks in newly fallen snow (or not), knowing that a nice dog cookie is our reward at home.
  • A fresh marrowbone or oversized biscuit is always a welcome gift.

What we really don’t like at all, but you love giving as gifts:

  • Hand knit sweaters, fleece jackets, hoodies, booties, and any item of apparel you find adorable on us.
  • Christmas costumes of any sort, including reindeer antlers, Santa beard, hat, and coat, elf outfits, jingling bells, Christmas tree lights, and baby Jesus swaddling. We hate all of this and endure the indignity of wearing it because it pleases you enormously and you want that Christmas card photo so desperately.
  • A new baby puppy. Enough said.
  • Wrapped presents because you think it is great fun watching us struggle with unwrapping  them.

We pugs were put on earth just for your pleasure and we are the consummate people pleasing dogs, and so, if you would like to please us this holiday, consider giving us what we really want.

Happy holidays from a wise old pug, and respectfully submitted,


Here we are, all suited up and ready to brave the cold for our hike.

We look like extras from a sad circus in our colorful sweaters. I understand we needed some outer garment due to the extreme cold, but why do we have to look so garish?


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16 responses to “A Pug’s Wish List, or What Pugs Really Want for Christmas

  1. Mason, you sure tell it like it is! Marry Christmas to you and your family! Hope you’ve been a good pug and get all that you desire!

  2. I really don’t know what to write, as my reaction from reading these gems is always the same….. I read intently (hinge on every word), giggle throughout – repeat ‘oooh Mason!’ and always, always, always find something that makes me break out in laughter….. the ‘sad circus’ comment did it for me this time!

    Admittedly, we are 3 German Shorthaired Pointers and a little terrier mix; and we abhor the Christmas outfits, too; but have humored our Mom in prior years. Have you ever seen a stunning bird dog in a Santa’s hat? Even the birds laughed at us! Which leads me to think perhaps pugs, German Shorthairs & terriers aren’t so different afterall, Mason 🙂

    Sue, Mason, et al — Hoping all of you have a wonderful holiday and that it’s everything you want it to be and more (especially for Mason)!! And thank you for another delightful read!

    Lisa and the pack

    • Lisa,
      Your kind and flattering words are, as usual, a balm to my soul and ego. Thank- you for taking the time to write. That you are not owned by even one pug raises the value of your praise tremendously. I sense, perhaps, a pug in your future?
      Have a joyous holiday and reward your creatures well.

  3. Lexie, Chloe & Coco

    Oh Mason, what could we possibly add to such a perfect list? It was spot-on, both the things we like and the things we dislike. And our Mommy squealed with delight when she saw the photos of the four of you in your sweaters…why do they find this so charming? Oh well, we think you, especially, looked very handsome in your orange sweater (or as Mommy said, “Oregon State Orange!”) Of course, we always think you look handsome, as our crush for you only grows stronger with each blog entry!
    Happy Holidays to you, the girls (yes, even Lizzie), your parents and your grandparents!

    Lex, Chloe and Coco

    • Ah, girls…It is, of course, gratifying to hear that I’ve still got “it,” whatever that may be. And yes, humans for some inexplicable reason find us particularly fetching when we’re dressed as them…go figure.
      Happiest of holidays to all of you and thanks so much for all of your kind letters and words of praise.

  4. sue

    Mason I to love reading your blog and I always have a smile on my face when I read it I think we give our pets presents because we love them so much I know my gang would prefer treats but they are getting new doggy beds and food dishes and of course lots of treats I think you all look great in your sweaters you are as handsome as ever hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas Sue and the gang

    • Thank-you, Sue. It sounds as if you are giving wisely to your menagerie. These are all acceptable pug gifts, with the last item most acceptable.
      Have a wonderful holiday, all of you.

  5. Oh Mason, We, as Pugs, look to you for our wisdom and guidance… Your words of hope guide us and give us hope…. We just recently endured a Christmas photo shoot consisting of antlers and Santa beards, and we tolerated this only because of the promise of bacon just outside of photo range… We often reflect on the words of great poets and squires, but it is your website that we log on to first every day… We feel comfort in knowing we are not alone in our sheer disdain of the Holiday camaraderie… What we give our humans for pleasure is often not appreciated, but we take it in stride… One Day, we will rule the world… Until then, Merry Christmas to you and yours…
    P.S…. My Mother asked me how to post our very unfortunate, but yet professional and expensive Christmas photos so you can all gawk at our Holiday misfortune… It was not pleasant, but we did, in the end, get the bacon…
    Sincerely, Your Faithful Followers…
    Tootie, Tucker, and Toby Gaught

  6. Micah John, Ezzie, Paris

    Mason, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you,Lizzie, Cecily,Daphnie,Cats, Mom & Dad and Grandparents. We did not do a Christmas picture this year because Micah John scratched his eye and is wearing a lamp shade. Your Christmas picture with Santa Claus was wonderful. Your photo in your coats and sweaters is very stylish. Fondly, Micah John, Ezra George, Paris Marie and Tyrone Lee.

    • Thank you all. for your good wishes and compliments. I hope Micah John’s eye heals. I too have suffered from, and continue to do so, eye injuries. I, however, have learned not to mess with it so I don’t have to wear the dreaded e collar.
      Here is to good health, treats, and love.

  7. Dear Mason,
    We are mutts, not pugs, but offer a hearty, joyful bark at this list. We once endured the indignity of wearing antlers and posing with Santa, and it shall never happen again. Here’s to a warm, cuddly Christmas eve, a brisk walk on Christmas morning, and plentiful treats throughout the holidays.
    Sam and Chewie

    • Thank you Sam and Chewie…I wish that all of your wishes had come true, but that is for another blog…watch for it.
      I hope your holiday was filled with all that you wished for me.

  8. Hi Mason, Sue, Lizzy & Dad 🙂
    Our pack’s been thinking about your pack and hoping all’s well, since we haven’t had the gift of learning about your Christmas or New Year.

    Just wanted to let you know we’re thinking of you and hoping all’s well.

    Hugs darlin,
    Lisa, the slightly neurotic Mom, & the pack

    • Hi Lisa… All is well and I’m sorry you’ve had any concerns. Mason will be writing soon, I assure you. It has just been a hectic holiday…pre and post. Best to all, Sue

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