Dead Pug Walking

It was always my intention to save this particularly grizzly exposé for a day and time such as this, rather than divulge it immediately after its occurrence. And because we in the northeast are experiencing a true “winter of our discontent” this seemed a fitting time to unfold, what is sure to be, a particularly macabre and medieval tale.

Ah, Christmas, that most celebrated, anticipated, and dangerous of holidays, by this old pug’s reckoning… Lizzie and I anticipated its coming with great excitement, and since we were already at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, knew (at least we thought we did) Mom and Dad would be arriving in advance of the holiday. We had visions of Christmas presents (for us) under the tree, Grandma baking up delectable treats in the kitchen (with our needed assistance), cozy fires in the fireplace (where we’d be napping) to ward off winter’s chill, and long sleeps (with Mom and Dad) on top of flannel sheets and under fluffy down. How very wrong can one foolish pug be? That Currier & Ives picture was never to be our reality. Ours was, in truth, truly Dickensian in every aspect.

No Mom and Dad arrived on the Cape, but rather we four dogs were taken to “the big house” for “lockup.” Yes, you must gasp with horror and reel with shock. It is true. Our bedding, sweaters, and comfort objects were hauled into the kennel at the veterinary hospital, where each of us was told goodbye, have a merry Christmas, and see you in a week. Not one to ever believe the worst of any person or situation, I put on a brave and manly face, trotted off thinking it was a joke, and that we were being taken to a room piled high with biscuits, treats, and marrowbones. Oh no…not by a long shot. This was a reality far from any life experience I could imagine.

Down a long cement corridor with cells on either side, far from the cheery front room with its crackling fire in the fireplace, and the welcoming techs and receptionists, were we lead. With little ceremony and no apologies, Lizzie and I were shown into our “suite,” with the echo of the slamming door sounding like our death knell. Yes, dear reader, yours truly was being locked up in a concrete cage with loathsome Lizzie for Christmas vacation.

To be continued…

Respectfully submitted,


Look how happy and carefree we are at the vet's...

Same image but our Christmas reality


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12 responses to “Dead Pug Walking

  1. Oh. My. Dog. The indognity of it all? They just LEFT YOU THERE? We are eagerly awaiting the next installment hoping that this was indeed some sort of mistake!

  2. Lexie, Chloe & Coco's Mom

    Oh Mason, I’m appalled! And I’m full of sympathy for you. To be put in prison…at CHRISTMAS! Our girls have been complaining that we left them at Christmas too, but at least they got to stay in their home with their doting Aunt Sachiko to spoil them and shower them with treats. I’ll remind them that it could have been a lot worse!
    I am glad, however, that you all survived to tell the tale. And who knows, maybe you’ll get extra good Valentine treats for all the suffering you endured.

    Here’s hoping…

  3. sue

    Oh Mason I cannot believe your mommy and Daddy would do that to you and Lizzie not at christmas time I hope they made up for it with lots of presents and treats that is no way to spend the holidays

  4. misty

    Oh Mason! The Horror of it all. Im sorry you were on lockdown for christmas. I hope your mom and dad think about this atrocity and do not repeat the same thing next Christmas. You must have been a horrified pug. I hope you’ve received lots of marrow bones to make up for it along with time away to recuperate.

  5. Ohhh Mason! Say it ain’t so…..The horror! But we’re hoping and praying and wishing with all of our canine powers that your Christmas story improves. It’s our feeling it will!

    And Susan – pawlease……the suspense is killing us!!

    The pictures….as always, added a laugh to my day – thank YOU!!

  6. Oh crap, Susan. Sorry about leaving my reply above without my name!! See how troubled I am about this story…..

    • Dear Lisa…
      Have no fear…I am still among the living so I did survive, but the balance of the tale is forthcoming. Thanks, as always, for writing and supporting.

      • I won’t move from my seat till it’s posted! ….. And I’m certain Mason will approve, if not delight in, my civil disobedience.

        Lisa and the pack

  7. Ann

    Oh for shame on your mom & dad!! Our gentlemanly Mason put away for the Holidays! Hope this ‘tail’ has a happy ending….

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