Scent of a Pug, or Missing the Obvious

Sometimes, dear reader, it is possible to be so involved with the minutiae of living, or at least what passes for living, that we miss what is literally right under our nose. I like to think of myself as a fairly observant and perceptive pug – one who does take some time to smell the roses, and do bear with me on this smell metaphor, but it seems I have overlooked something rather obvious. Let me explain.

Yesterday, while Mom was performing her usual morning ritual of bathing and grooming (why she does this, I have no idea since, to me, she looks and smells divine all of the time). Lizzie was seated in her frog-like position, propped against the bathroom door and as I walked past her I was assaulted by her perfume. It literally smacked me in the face…high notes of kibble, dried saliva, ear oil and low notes of city streets and pug butt. How can I even begin to describe such a heady, intoxicating aroma? Was there ever a pug to smell so desirable? I was lost, dear reader, lost. My senses were on overload and my head spinning. There was nothing for it but to explore every nook and cranny of this delectable creature. She, the once scorned and much maligned Lizzie, was compliant and accommodating for my request, offering up her spindly little legs and maneuvering her bullet-shaped body into positions of acquiescence. I was wild with desire and she innocent of my yearning. Throwing myself against her in complete surrender,  I cuddled as I’d never cuddled before, hoping to absorb her essence into my skin. When Mom left the bathroom and found us huddled together in such fashion, she could only stare in amazement and confusion.

I can offer no explanation. This foolish little creature has lived with me for nearly three years and I’ve never felt compelled to seek her out. How have I been so blind? What if she, a seemingly guileless simpleton has cast a spell on me? What if she is really a sorceress and I her willing victim?

I have no satisfactory answers, dear reader, but perhaps you will. Lizzie –enigmatic or malevolent?

Respectfully submitted,


Frog Lizzie

Lost in her scent

They say couples resemble one another as they age


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6 responses to “Scent of a Pug, or Missing the Obvious

  1. Eeeeek! Are you feeling ill? Girls are trouble, man!

    • That is true, Otis. And no, I am not ill. It was her scent, man…nothing more. It would drive any sane male pug wild, which is why I had to write this.
      I’m trying to stay grounded…Mason

  2. sue

    I think its about time you realize Lizzie is a sweetie you make a cute couple and the last picture of the both of you is sweet and as always love reading your blog you are a very special pug Mason

    • You are right, Sue, I am special but Lizzie is not a sweetie. I fear she is a temptress, luring me to the dark side. I think I may have underestimated her strength. Keep me in your thoughts…Mason

  3. Elizabeth Sommers

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh Mason… Dawg YOU!!!! I’m delighted you are “Man” enough to admit…..women do have….charms.

    Your Tennessee Fan,

    PS to Lizzie: Your infinite patience, where Mason is concerned, is a testament to your kind heart and gentle soul….qualities I so admire.

    • Thank you for writing, Elizabeth…how nice to hear from you again. I must, however, set the record straight about Lizzie. You are wrong to credit her with saint-like qualities. She is a temptress, vixen, wanton slattern, manipulative minx, and shameless hussy. Upon reflection of her scent that day, I am convinced it was yet another ploy of hers. Sorry, but I know what I smelled and no female could naturally be that enticing.

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