For Whom the Bell Tolls, or Just Call Me Pavlov’s Pug

Lest you become inured to my frequent musings, I should assure you that with Grandma transcribing, there will be great periods of drought…but not at the moment. I am compelled yet again to reveal the inner workings of a highly adaptable, intuitive, and intellectually evolved pug, to wit: last night’s bedtime quandary and this morning’s quick response.

As you loyal readers are aware, I am a wearer of the “nighttime cloth” due to the weakening condition and lack of control in my hindquarters. This single clothing item has saved bed linen as well as my relationship with Mom and Dad. Last night, however, presented a serious dilemma. At bedtime, when the donning of said item takes place, Mom and Dad discovered the diaper was with the laundry, which had not yet been delivered. The realization of what this implied drove Dad to blame Mom and Mom to blame Dad. Why do humans always traverse that path? Like a spectator at a tennis match, I watched as the words flew back and forth. I hoped it might mean a costume-free sleep…but no, Mom had several solutions. One involved a hair elastic holding a piece of cloth together, another involved the wrapping of long scarf around and around my girth, and the final one solved the problem. She selected a cloth napkin, which she fashioned quite charmingly at either side of my slim flanks. I have attached a photo so you can see. Not only did it work, it also worked exceedingly well. It was, as they say in medical terms, a “clean catch” when Dad made his morning inspection. I would say the only down side to this improvised garment is that it does not leave my fetching little tail free, but that is a small point over which to quibble when so much is at stake.

Freed of this rather distasteful burden I scampered about as Dad prepared his breakfast of toast and peanut butter (a particular favorite of yours truly). And this is where you will understand the full impact of my title.

As the toaster bell chimed its cheery “Ding” I immediately went into a wild and frantic barking mode. Dad quickly queried, “What are you, Pavlov’s dog?” All I knew was that food was forthcoming and I needed to share in its ingestion. My barking became so frantic and demanding that Dad had no choice but to put me up on the counter with the toast as he prepared it. It afforded me the desired viewing and management position I obviously required, as well as quieted my straining vocal chords. A bite was offered and I accepted greedily.

Just another night and day for this pug living in the Lower East Side of New York.

Respectfully submitted,


Here it is, as I described. I think its colorful stripes suggest summer wear, don't you?

Look how cunningly Mom "packaged" me...I do have a slightly hang dog expression though.

Here I am, eyes agog, assisting on the counter.


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14 responses to “For Whom the Bell Tolls, or Just Call Me Pavlov’s Pug

  1. Roxy, Blue and Bono

    Hi Mason!
    Thanks for the smiles! 🙂 Do-rag diapers…love it! Your mom is clever indeed and you are still a very talented writer Mason!

    Your pug fans,
    Roxy, Blue and Bono

    • Greetings Left Coast Pugs…
      Wonderful to hear from you and yes, my mom is clever. Had she lived in the Civil War era, I am sure she would have turned curtains into gowns. Sadly, I had to wear the do-rag again last night since Dad forgot to phone for laundry delivery…
      Stay well,

  2. Stefanie Hoffman

    I am a new follower of your marvlous writings, but I have spent hours reading older posts. You brighten my day. I just have to comment on how handsome you are on the counter assting with the morning meal. I must admit I am jealous as I have just been put on a special diet, it seems I am allergic to anything that actually tastes good. I wait daily for your next tale.
    PS How are things going with Lizzie?
    Your new fans Wubby and Mom

    • Welcome Wubby and Mom of Wubby,
      Thanks so much for writing and I’m delighted to have you as readers of my humble offerings. I, too, as I’m sure you’ve discovered in your reading, have severe limitations in my life, but fortunately for me, food remains a steadfast friend, lover, and obsession. I am sorry for your dietary restrictions but perhaps with research Mom will find some kind of tasty treat for your pug palate.
      Keep reading,

  3. Wubby'sMama

    I haved tried to leave you a picture of me, but it isn’t working well.

  4. Wubby'sMama

    I left another reply, but it seems to have vanished.

  5. sue

    Mason you are handsome as ever even in your wrap I love the last picture it looks like you are smiling hope you enjoyed your toast

  6. sue

    I forgot to check off notify me so I will do it now sorry

  7. Hank

    Mason, buddy……now that buttwrap is pure genius I tell ya what!

    Mom ain’t that creative so she buys diapers at Petsmart fer O’Mally. Poor old bird’s got a bladder that goes tuh sleep as soon as SHE does!

    • Yes, I agree…Mom is extremely clever but frankly I would rather the freedom of going “au naturel.”
      Sorry about your mate, O’Mally. Females seem to be more trouble than they’re worth. Thanks for writing…your notel gave me a great laugh.

  8. Stefanie Hoffman

    We miss you!! I hope that there will be more stories soon.

  9. Pug Chick

    I feel your pain Mason. I too must wear the dreadful diaper. But it is of my own doing. I just can’t stop myslef from marking about the house. But I am allowed to remove it at night time. So we have the opposite problems. My mom recently got me a new one so there is always a fresh one while one is in the wash. She ordered it from SEPRA. Southeastern pug rescue adoption. You can go to their website just google SEPRA or the full name. I am a rescue from this orginization. My name is Louie btw. The diapees…lol..get it di”pees” as mom calls them are $10 and came is just a few days. Does your mom put a.. Uh hum ladies personal thing in yours? Mine does, keeps things more absored. Best of luck to you buddy. Just think of it as a fashion accessory
    Your friend in Diapers

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