Green Acres is the Place to be, or La Symphonie Pastorale

Last weekend, dear reader, confirmed all of my long-held beliefs that canines, like all other creatures of the wild, are meant to spend their days in the great outdoors…with the exception of bitter cold winter weather. Pugs would not survive long in such unforgiving conditions. Pugs do well curled up in front of a fireplace or on a soft sofa, safe from such challenging elements…but I digress.

Because Mom and Dad had to attend a wedding party in New Orleans last weekend, Lizzie and I were driven to Ct. to spend that time with our other grandparents. While their knowledge of and experience with dogs is somewhat limited, they tend to lavish us with treats, attention, and great freedom as compensation. I would never want to disappoint them by suggesting such treatment may not be in our best interest, and so Lizzie and I just go with the flow! Marrowbones awaited our arrival and we were free to explore their three acres for the most desirable chewing spot. I found mine under a large shade tree and was content to idle away most of the afternoon in this rewarding pursuit. Lizzie, however, liked following Grandpa around as he gardened, but then again she has never been very imaginative. I was able to take advantage of her absence by hiding her bone behind the tool shed, which afforded me great pleasure. I then remembered my former ploy of burying my bones in the tall grass and then appearing crestfallen before my Cape Cod Grandma and Grandpa. Assuming I had consumed them, my Ct. grandparents handed over more, which I hid for future use…kind of like putting money into a savings account.

I discovered living such a bucolic life gave me a brief return to my former glory, as I nimbly navigated the outdoors stairs without any assistance.  I was able to travel up and down at will, with no ill effects. How was such a feat possible, given the severe limitations of my hindquarters? I cannot answer this question but can only assume that the magic of such a weekend gave this venerable old pug a small taste of his former glory. Whatever the reason, my legs took wing, enabling me to forget all of the pills, pain, and palliative care of my daily existence. I know it was difficult for my grandparents dealing with all of the diapering, pilling, and bedtime issues but I want them to know their efforts were greatly appreciated. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for making this old pug feel like a young pup again.

Respectfully submitted,


How perfect a picture is this?

Love this because Lizzie is behind the fence and can't get in

Yours truly being held while wistful Lizzie looks on!


King of the yard with his treasure


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21 responses to “Green Acres is the Place to be, or La Symphonie Pastorale

  1. Pugelsworth

    My back legs are slowly withering away so I feel your pain. Mom has me in physical therapy every Saturday. I get to play in the water on a treadmill and get lots of peanut butter for my exercises. Monday I was fitted with something called a flipper which helps me not drag my back left foot, it’s pretty cool. Just wanted to let you know a pug in Chicago knows the downs of getting older. But then again I am carried up and down all steps, that’s kinda cool!


    • Dear Pugsley-Toad…
      Thank you for your informative letter. I would very much like to know more about your therapy and “flipper” since I know of no such thing. My mom will try anything to help me out, so I appreciate your help with this.
      Thank you,

  2. Wubby's Mama

    I was so overjoyed to hear what a great time you had. I dare say you look younger and full of a zest for life in your pictures. My Mom thinks you are one of the best looking pugs around, after me of course. Enjoy your summer my friend. I have been sleeping and laying in bed so far this summer. My Mom and Dad were in a rather bad car accident a few weeks back and we haven’t been able to to much, but they tell me they will make it up to me soon! Your lovely story made my Mom smile and she seemed happy so thank you for that. As always looking forward to more of your adventures.
    Your Friend,

  3. Dear Wubby,
    Thank you so much for writing. I am saddened by the news of your parents’ accident. I will hope for a speedy recovery for both them and you. I am glad my humble efforts brought a smile to your mom’s face.
    Good luck,

  4. Pugelsworth

    Hi Mason,

    I am Pugsley-Toad’s mom here to tell you more about his physical therapy routine. Pugsley has always had a gait in his walk and luxating patella in both knees but it was never bad enough for surgery. However a couple of months ago our trainer noticed he was dragging his back feet- his left much worse then his right. I took him to a surgeon for an exam and to talk about possible surgery for the patella and after watching Pugsley walk the surgeon said that yes, he does have luxating patella in both knees but there is something else going on and we needed to see a neurologist. Eeek! We were lucky and able to see the neurologist the same day. He said that Pugsley-Toad has some sort of block whether it be cancer, herniated disk, or something else we needed to do an MRI. I could afford the MRI or the surgery so I consulted with our Vet and trainer who suggested PT. We have had the most amazing experience with Integrative Pet Care. We go in once a week (it’s suggested twice a week) for 8 weeks. Each week we do hydrotherapy which is a tank with a build in treamill. They fill the tank up with water and put a life vest on him and he walks on it. It’s truly amazing he doesn’t drag his feet at all in the water. Then every other week we do PT and learn new exercises to build the muscles in his back legs. He has also started taking cosequin and discus composium. So the goal is to stretch out his back (he hunches A LOT) and build muscle. The flipper is this interesting device that goes around his ankles and rubber bands around his toes…it’s very hard to describe but he only wears it during PT and he does NOT drag at all when he wears them. If you have a facebook account look up Paws to Embrace she made the flipper for him. Robin is amazing. I hope this was helpful for you!


  5. Pug Chick

    Thank you for another wonderful story of the lives of Mason & Lizzie. Sounds like a good time was had by all both human and canine. You & lizzie are so lucky to have such extended family that loves and cares for you.
    Pug Chick & The Pugstonians

    • Thank you for writing, and yes, we are fortunate pugs to have such a loving extended family. Treats could be a bit more forthcoming, however,


  6. sue

    Mason it looks like you and Lizzie had such a nice weekend you look so young how old are you? you sure are a handsome boy sue and my six pugs

  7. Helen

    Mason, you have the life. So carefree and, I must say, spoiled to the bone. If humans could live like you! Sigh…

  8. Aren’t grandparents GREAT? Mine spoil me just as much as yours spoil you!

    • Jodi and Kolchak,
      I’ve had years of experience with and training of my grandparents. The rewards I reap come from much effort, but well worth it!

  9. Hank

    Mason, you are one impressive pug. Not only do you know the importance of saving, but your ability to overcome your physical limitations is amazing to say the least! Must be all that fresh country air.

    I’d say you lucked out in the grandparent department!

    Sarah (Hank and Molly’s mom)

  10. Hank,
    Why thank you and yes, I do understand the value of saving. I like always to think of myself as a pug with a plan. Perhaps it is more the mental challenges and extreme planning that keep me so vibrant.
    I am indeed fortunate to have such loving and generous grandparents.

  11. LST

    Enjoy your writing.

  12. Grandpawrents are wonderful … we’re going camping next weekend and get to spend time with ours. We can’t wait! Looks like you had a lot of fun … love the hammack! Pug Hugs, Ellen, Zoe, Peyton, Webster and Liberty

    • Ellen,
      Thanks for writing and yes, grandparents are wonderful! Father’s Day in CT and July 4th on Cape Cod…it doesn’t get any better.

  13. Elizabeth Sommers

    Dearest Mason,

    It’s always such a joy to read of your exploits. You never cease to amaze me in what you can get people to do to make/keep you happy. You are one cleaver Pugger indeed!!!

    I must say I’ve been wondering about your annual summer visit to The Cape. The Season is in full swing and yet you remain in New York. What’s up?

    I was hoping for a bit of news about Cecily & Daphne….even from YOUR perspective,!!…LOL

    Your Tennessee Fan,


    PS: If it’s not TOO much trouble…kindly relay my warm regards to Lizzie.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Well, it is sad but my physical infirmities make it too difficult for everyone to manage on the Cape. Grandma has two dogs, and unfortunately, her Frenchie and I are dangerous enemies. My vet says the stress is too much and for Grandma it is doubly bad since she is constantly on edge anticipating our next violent interaction. I am now unable to control my sphincter and so that requires a good deal of attention, plus my hind legs have worsened considerably, making it difficult for me to navigate well. do visit there throughout the summer with my parents but not for the entire summer. Grandma has enough to deal with and so we’ve had to say goodbye to our summers of past years. I still have boating adventures, clamming expeditions, and marrowbones in the yard so don’t feel too bad for me. Thanks so much for your letter. I was wondering when someone would make that query. Hope you are well, Mason

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