Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, or Did You Miss Me?

I know I know…my silence speaks volumes but, dear reader, my voice is stilled only by Grandma’s preoccupation with other matters (none of which could possibly be as important as my words). At any rate, I am pushing her to complete what I don’t consider an odious task, but rather a creative and informative pleasure.

My fourth of July was all a pug of my advanced years could hope for: a car trip cuddled next to Mom, green grass dotted with marrowbones, clam shells thrown casually about, lobster outdoors, fireworks viewed from the comfort of Grandpa’s Jeep, Four Seas ice cream, and a visit to my favorite animal hospital. No, there was no injury or illness…just a once-over by my sardonic, I’ve-seen-it-all vet, Dr. Munson. Mom was concerned since I am less able to navigate freely with the gradual wasting of my hindquarters, particularly the left hind leg. With his usual shrug and caustic tone, he assured her that I still “had game” and was in for the long haul. Reassured, she hugged me and professed her undying love. Frankly, I have no idea why she worries so. So what if I’m held together by duct tape? I have more enthusiasm and lust for life than most puppies I’ve seen. And of course, Lizzie performed her little “Oh Mason, I’m glad you’re back and so glad you are okay” dance when we returned. She is so disingenuous and I know this because the minute I left she was cuddling with Cecily, like I never existed.

The good part of this growing infirmity is that I am free to be me, and  dear reader, as any elderly human knows, one of these freedoms is to poop when and where I wish, without any warning. I apologize if I’m offending any of you,  but this is my reality. Yes, I do don the nightly diaper but it can manage only so much payload (forgive me again) and there are oftentimes escapees. And often, some errant stool, like rain from heaven, falls to the ground, as I either am  being carried or strolling through the house. Grandma and Dad are not fans of this occurrence. Of course that presents a secondary problem since Grandma’s domineering, alpha Frenchie, Daphne has a predilection for my sweet offerings. As I’ve often said, old age is not for sissies, nor the faint of heart.

Everyone was on high alert that weekend, always trying to  stay one step ahead of the inevitable. And  into the fray came Otis, the English bulldog, who vomits when he is frightened, but he spent his days at the beach swimming and body boarding.

I’m not sure how sad Grandma was seeing us leave but I know the weekend was magic for this old pug.

Respectfully submitted,


Ridiculous two females...Cecily and Lizzie just wallow in their girlish love for one another.

Daphne, the terrorist, on our boat outing over Memorial Day...

Otis at the beach, on a beach chair...His nose got sunburned because he spent every day in the water without sunscreen.

And now, the best is saved for last. Who could resist this pug mug?

Not too bad for an old guy. I'm in it to win it!


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22 responses to “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, or Did You Miss Me?

  1. Hank

    Mason, you are the most handsome pug man on the east coast. Speaking of which, we received your book last week and have enjoyed it!

    As for your……um……ahem……..loose caboose, we say go forth and poopser!

    Sarah and Hank

    • Thank you on both counts, Sarah and Hank. I think I’ve managed to retain a certain dashing, devil may care look as I age. And I am glad you are enjoying SUMMER PUGS.
      As for the other issue, I do go forth and poopser regularly!
      Thanks for writing,

  2. Sue D

    Nice piece, Mason. Very well written, especially for a pug 😉 I’m happy to hear your senior pug stories, makes the rest of us feel not so alone!

    • Dear Sue,
      Thanks so much for your kind praise. I do appreciate it. I figure that most of what plagues us as seniors needs to be looked at with humor because the alternative is unbearable, right?

  3. sue

    Mason I missed you I love reading about your adventures sounds like you had a very nice holiday weekend and I must say you are as handsome as ever I love all the pictures

  4. MASON we missed you! i can’t tell you the joy we feel when we find a post in our inbox from you… You are TOO handsome!

  5. Thanks, Sue…good to hear from you again as well.

  6. Lauren Gaught

    Oh Mason, How we have missed your adventures… Summer on the Cape is so exciting!!… That last photo is breathtakingly handsome!!.. So glad to hear you got a clean bill of health!

  7. Escapees….LOL! Oh dear Mason, you always have such a way with words! Loved catching up with you and hearing all about your adventures on the Cape. So glad you had such a wonderful weekend. Are you not spending the whole summers there anymore?

    • Ah Erin, you are astute to pose that question…alas, no, I can no longer summer on the Cape due to several reasons…one of which is the subject of this blog (growing infirmities) and the other is due to Grandma’s Frenchie who does not like the cut of my jib. It is too stressful for everyone, managing my safety and cleaning up my unexpected droppings. With four dogs and two cats, Grandma and Grandpa were overwhelmed, even though I don’t think I was the problem. So, long weekends and vacations with my parents helping out are how we operate now.
      Thanks for writing,

  8. Kim B.

    We did miss you Mason! Our oldest Pug has a new trick, when he is outside getting ready to find just the right spot (if you know what we mean) and he decides it’s time for a big body shake… Well let us just say that stuff goes flying!
    How old are you?

  9. Karen

    Oh Mason, you are a handsome pug! My Kiwi girl, who has passed some time ago, could identify exactly with you and your senior side effects. She too had difficulty with her hind legs and eventually had to give up her favorite past time of chasing her little baby tennis ball. She also would poop at most unexpected places and times but we loved her to the very end and she will be forever in my heart.

    • Dear Karen,
      I am sorry for your loss. We are here with you for such a short time that quality of life must be our priority, right? I am sure my family will be sharing such stories after I am gone, and after all, what better tribute can there be for a beloved pug?

  10. Denise

    Hi Mason. My pug Walter and I love reading about your adventures. Walter turns 11 on August 1 and he can relate with some of your not-so-pleasant health issues. He also has a loose caboose and often leaves a trail of poop nuggets. I know it’s probably embarrassing for him but I don’t mind – he can’t help it. Walter also has trouble with his back legs and now gets carried up and down stairs. Last year he lost an eye – he got too close to a pointy branch while out on a walk and damaged his eye beyond repair. During his eye surgery our vet noticed that many of his teeth needed to be pulled, so now Walter’s tongue hangs out of the side of him mouth because he doesn’t have enough teeth to hold it in. I love Walter very much, in spite of his difficulties. He has taught me to be patient and understanding. I’m sure you have taught your family the same.

  11. Denise,
    Your words ring resoundingly true…I am sure my mom and dad would agree with you, even though there are days (and nights) when they are less than enthusiastic about my living with them! It is challenging facing old age, whether a pug or human, but I believe we pugs have a more difficult time than most due to our peculiar engineering. Thanks so much for writing and give Walter my birthday good wishes. My sympathy to both of you.He is a fortunate pug, indeed.
    Best regards,

  12. Terri Baker

    Dearest Mason, The pugs and I have missed you of late. So good to hear your “voice” again. As usual I smiled the whole way thru. Granma & Granpas cape house sounds wonderful. Enjoyed seeing the pics of your friends and neighbors. Hey don’t worry about the poop. We leave poop just for the fun of it. Mom is not impressed as we have no excuse. Take care till next time.

  13. Hey Mason,

    Where’d ya go buddy? We’re thinking of you and hoping ya’ll are safe from the storm.

    Mister Bean, LuLu, My MamaFigure and That Man

  14. Wubby's Mama

    My momma says you are one of the best looking Pugmen in the world and she loves your spice for life. I must admit I am a bit jealous, but I know she loves me and my Dad thinks everything I do is the best thing in the world so I guess I am secure in my pugness. Keep the adventures coming!!

  15. Elizabeth Sommer

    Dearest Mason,
    If we didn’t miss you before, we sure do now!!! It’s been way too long since we’ve heard from you. Please ask your Grandmother to let us know how you are doing and what you are up to these days.

    Sadly Missing You,
    Elizabeth….Your biggest Tennessee Fan

  16. Joan (Tuffy and Lucky"s mom)

    We miss you Mason ! What have you been up to?

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