Love Walked Into My Life, or Ode to Miss Brooke

As you know, dear reader, no greater love hath a pug than for his mistress, but I’m not going to lie, my love for Miss Brooke exceeds what passes for normal infatuation. When Mom and Dad realized their travel schedules were going to overlap for their away time, panic ensued. Who could they possibly find to care for their dearest treasures (Lizzie being a more tarnished treasure)? This was not something they approached lightly, but rather with a heavy heart and much dread. But imagine their joy and excitement when they reconnected with Mom’s sister’s oldest and best friend who also lives in New York. Miss Brooke not only loves pugs with every fiber of her being, but also has an aged family pug living on Cape Cod with her parents.

It was kismet, destiny, fate, call it whatever you wish, but from the moment Miss Brooke came to care for us I was lost. Her voice is like melted butter, warm caramel, sweet honey…all of those luscious tempting tasty treats rolled into one mellifluous sound. When she speaks to us we feel her love and adoration. And her smile….ahhhh. Her entire face becomes illuminated every time she smiles, which is a constant with her. I would wiggle and dance until I collapsed just to gaze upon her countenance. Her body is soft and warm, and to cuddle with her at night is one of my life’s sweetest memories.

She is never cross and always ready to love and hug us. Even when I bark incessantly (for which I have no explanation), she just smiles and asks if I am hungry! Fellow pugs, I have found nirvana right here in the Lower East Side of New York City! And guess what? She returns to us this coming week! Oh thank you patron saint of pugs for what you have so graciously put into our lives! And you know those embarrassing moments I am so prone to? She just says, “Oh Mason, you poor little love, let me clean you up, honey, and you’ll be good as new.” And then she kisses me. Maybe I’ve already crossed on over the rainbow bridge, folks, and this is heaven. If not, then it is heaven on earth.

Respectfully submitted,


I have included a short film that Miss Brooke took having a conversation with me. Listen to the sweetness of her voice.


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11 responses to “Love Walked Into My Life, or Ode to Miss Brooke

  1. sue

    Mason it sounds like your mom and dad found you the perfect dog sitter I loved watching you do the puggy dance My Abby does that every time she gets excited the most important thing is that you and Lizzie are well taken care of while mom and Dad are away

  2. I’m sure that Miss Brooke feels exactly the same about you, Mason! And I love the video…except that it set off a bark-fest with my Coco! In fact, she’s still barking and running around looking for you. Sigh…
    ~Erin (Lexie, Chloe, and Coco’s mommy)

    p.s. I must admit this…when you wrote, “no greater love hath a pug than for his mistress”, I read it quickly and without my glasses, and I thought you wrote “mattress”. Which wouldn’t have been that funny, except for the fact that it made perfect sense to me in the case of my Chloe! She does a “bed dance” whenever we go to bed for the night, complete with rolling around in the covers and making a nest for herself! So yes, while you have a crush on Miss Brooke, Chloe indeed loves bed. And it may be a pug thing, since the others seem to enjoy it as well…am I right?

    • Glad you enjoyed the video, Erin…and I can easily see how you might have misread mistress for mattress. I’m not such a bed pug, but that fool Lizzie is, and she too does this pathetic, spastic little dance upon entering hers. I, however, am more of a gypsy pug, content to collapse wherever it is convenient…even a hardwood floor. Thanks for writing.

  3. Oh what joy, what lust that you are back on blogging, Master Mason! Iam just a small, young in years pug hailing from the ol’ Germanic soils,but how much did I enjoy your posts, and I have read all of them in the past two weeks since discovering your blog.
    I have unfortunately no Ms. Brookes to write about, just my good old Mum who brings the mentioned nirwana to my soul. Ah – what kindness, what understanding, what soulish encounters when we bond. This, of course, best supported by a tasty bone of Osso Buco seize and kuddels and treats to compliment.

    I am very happy that you are back to blogging,dear Mason.

    Your young friend Carlos Santana
    from Berlin

  4. Carlos…
    Now you’ve planted a seed in my brain and I cannot rid myself of it…Osso Bucco bones…mmmmmmm. I may have to put forth a formal demand for said bones. My palate cries for such a treat. Perhaps I will parlay the guilt card in order to get these bones.
    Thanks so much for reading and writing!

  5. …. the guilt card always pugworks! No sorrower an image than a pug making his people feel guilty. It seems to be pugoversal!

    Hope you managed to have your Osso Bucco bone in the meantime.

    Love from Berlin
    Carlos Santana

  6. Roxy, Blue and Bono

    Dear Mason,
    Indeed, Miss Brooke is bark-a-licious and we barked along with you while watching the video! You are too cute!

    Pug hugs and kisses,
    Roxy, Blue and Bono

  7. Dear Mason

    I cannot help but wonder – do you really bark incessantly? My partner, Kelly and I, only bark at cats. When we were young we used to bark at the waves at the beach. Our mother would be very angry if we barked all the time.
    When our mother goes away she get as special lady to come and stay and we have a grand time as she allows us to sit on her. But she does not allow us to sleep with her.
    Best wishes
    Gizmo and Kelly – Cape Town

  8. She sounds very sweet! Mason, my pug, Onyx, loves your bark!

  9. Wubby's Mama

    You are obviously totally mesmerized with Miss Brooke!! I can not remember the last time you did not have food or mischief as a major subject in your tales!! You seem to be enthralled and in love! I am glad you had such a great time. Also, we loved the video of you!!!! Is there anywhere we can see more? As always my mom declares how handsome you are.

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