Hold That Fiber

There was a time, not that long ago, that this senior pug needed to be mindful of the calories he consumed. That, however, is not the case now…au contraire…any extra poundage I can add to my frail frame without putting a strain on the old armature is desirable. I need a small reserve for any physical emergencies.

Well, dear reader, my loving parents, in all of their caring devotion to and attentive focus on my health and well-being, neglected to change my kibbles to Mature Adult from Adult Light. Light formulas, as you probably know, contain an incredible amount of fiber, which allows Butter Ball or Bella to eat an acceptable amount of tasty particle board without gaining an excessive amount of weight. How does that work, you ask? Ah, there is the mighty rub. Butter Ball and Bella poop prodigious amounts daily, at any time and without any warning sometimes.

For Mom and Dad, that meant keeping yours truly fully diapered at all  times and still having to deal with surprise droppings whilst changing said diapers. Poop ruled and ruined our lives. What went in, came out speedily. No wonder this old pug couldn’t gain weight. Our last visit to the Cape provided the wisdom we so sorely lacked. Grandma asked, in her assertive, no nonsense voice, “Why are you feeding this poor pug Light food and then complaining about all of the poop he makes?” Mystery solved, happy pug, and happy parents. Sometimes old people and dogs know best.

Respectfully submitted,


Here I am, freshly diapered and onesied, chilling on Dad’s legs.


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17 responses to “Hold That Fiber

  1. Dora S.

    You are one handsome pug!

  2. Lena Welch

    Mason, good to hear from you! You’re looking handsome as usual! Thanks for this reminder that in this day and age when fiber is supposed to be good for everything that ails us, we can have too much of a good thing!

  3. Sarah

    You do look mighty trim, Mason! But the less poop the better ~ at least in your case!

  4. Your grandma is a very very wise woman. Mama is a big fan of lower fat, lower carb foods for senior pets – which is the exact opposite of what most “senior” formulas do! Although…the onesie is precious.

    • Kolchak, Felix & Jodi….
      Grandma is very wise about all matters. And yes, lower fat is important but not for a pug who is having difficulty putting on and retaining weight…when the poop is greater than the intake that is not good. Thanks for writing.

  5. oh mason we missed you!!! you look so handsome!! x

  6. Dave and JP,
    Thanks for your kind words and compliment.

  7. Cim Allen

    You are so freakin adorable Mason !! You rock the onsie 🙂 It was good to hear from you .. love to read your blog !!

  8. Elizabeth Sommers

    Dearest Mason,
    You should come for a visit. I’d feed you Chicken & Dumplings, Roasted Vegetables and Banana Pudding. I’m sure I could put a couple of pounds on you, plus you’d have five acres of Puggy Heaven to rule! I always look forward to your posts and I keep a good thought for your health and well being.
    Much Love,
    Elizabeth from Tennessee

    • Dear Elizabeth…
      Your offer is beyond tempting…would that I could! All of those offerings are in my favorite food groups too…but alas, I must stay near my parents since they are lost without me and I need to spend what little time left that I have with them.
      Keep reading though and I will keep dreaming of those heavenly concoctions…

  9. sue

    Mason was so glad to see a blog from you even in a diaper you are as handsome as ever glad you mom and dad put you on the right food

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