Dear Readers


Tears continue to fall as I sit at my computer, writing for the last time, words about my beloved grandpug, Mason. As Mason’s “transcriber,” it has been my privilege for these many years to give him the voice he so rightly deserved. His passing leaves a gaping hole in so many of our lives and a silence that is nearly deafening. Never have I known an animal in such a tiny body to have such a powerful presence. He was engaging, charming, demanding, funny, loving (on his terms), masterful, beautiful, courageous, tenacious, and all-consuming. His connection to my daughter was something incredible to behold and I feel certain there never will be such a bond between any human and animal.

Bringing him to life was a completely organic experience. He did tell me what he wanted to convey and always with a dry, sardonic, and somewhat jaundiced point of view. He was a gentleman but a glutton, a romantic but a pragmatist, a mastermind but an innocent. He was always a study in contradiction.

To say that he will be missed, is a huge understatement. In time we will all be able to share the many Mason stories that have become part of his lore and cachet, but not for a while. Right now we miss him too much and feel his absence too greatly.

I have loved sharing his life and telling his stories, and really grieve that there will be no more. I console myself with the knowledge that at least his voice was heard and loved by so many throughout the world. We all wish to thank you for your notes, letters, and comments throughout this very difficult time. Your words give us great comfort and peace, confirming what we’ve always felt about this little pug. Thank you for your loyal readership, support, and love.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Newman

Mason’s grandmother and transcriber


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49 responses to “Dear Readers

  1. Sue I am so very very sorry for your loss. Sending prayers to all who loved Mason. He truly brought so much joy to all of us and he will be sadly missed.

  2. Trish Antonuccio

    So so sorry for your loss!! I dread the day my pug Otis leaves this world. Masons stories will live on!!

    You and your family are in my thoughts!

    Trish and Otis

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  3. Paula Hersey

    Sue and Andrew,
    My hearfelt condolences. I enjoyed the Mason tales so much and wish you lighter hearts in these dark days. The Hersey Hounds will enjoy marrow bones in Mason’s honor today. I doubt that I will ever encounter another Pug and not think of him.. Thank you.

  4. Peta Minerof-Bartos

    Mason, a life well lived. I weep as I read this news, but am so glad to have had the privilege to share your journey, and your wisdom. The greatest love is being sent to your patents & grandparents. May your memory be for a blessing.
    Peta Minerof-Bartos

  5. sue

    I am so very sorry I know there are no words I can say I have loved reading about Mason he was a very special pug and very loved I will miss him

  6. Amy

    My heart breaks for your family. We have 2 Pugs and there is just something about them that is so sweet & pure. Thank you for sharing Mason with us. I know I for one truly enjoyed reading about his escapades. I cried when I read about his passing & reading this last blog. He is loved by so many & will be missed greatly. Please find comfort in knowing he touched so many lives because of your love for him.
    My thoughts & prayers are with all of you. Sending lots of puggy love your way.
    Amy Gallaway

  7. Anita

    Having never met Mason I feel like he was my own pug from the stories you shared. Mason and Pugsley were kindred spirits from their lame hind legs, zest for life, and their diapers. My heart aches for your loss but please know that he touch so many people through your stories.

    Sending you pug hugs and love from Chicago,

  8. Dina Lyons (graphic design friend of Andy's)

    Dear Sue and family,
    I am so sorry to hear about Mason. We too have truly enjoyed reading about his escapades with Lizzie, and it was obvious that he was a really unique dog with a very special relationship with his family. If there is a doggie heaven, I hope Mason is able to find a new friend in Paisley, who is our cousin’s pug….she passed way before her time just two weeks ago. An adorable and yet crazy little sweetie. May they rest in peace, and may you find peace in all of your beautiful stories.

  9. What a lovely eulogy as I would call it . We will all miss his “voice” His stories brought a smile to my face and many times a giggle. Maybe after some time has past you might put his life stories in a book. What a wonderful momento that would be to such a pug that was so full of life. We grieve with you. Much love sent your way from me and my mine. Also a special hug for Lizzie.
    Terri in Georgia

  10. So sorry to hear about Mason, we will miss reading his adventures. Rest in peace at the Rainbow Bridge Mason!

  11. Meredith Kamm

    I am writing thought tears as I understand all too well your loss. Mason is frolicking in the Rainrow Bridge, with my Blue and my Albert, and all the wonderful fur babies that are once again young and carefree. My heart goes out to you, and your family. HUGS.

  12. My heart goes out to you all. What a gift to have had such a sweet boy to Love, and the loss is certainly a mirror of that depth of Joy. These sweet ones remain in our hearts forever. I still sense my sweet Manny-Pug as if he were here. God Speed to Mason, Manny and all the sweet wee ones who have gone before us. And Love, Love, Love to you all in this time of tender, sacred transition.

  13. Dear Sue,
    I am so sorry for the pain you and your family are feeling right now. When we lost our Pugsly 7 years ago, we were devastated too. Dogs have a way of burrowing into your heart and setting up camp there, so when they leave us, we’re left with this incredible pain and sadness.

    I hope you know how much I have enjoyed Mason’s blogs over the past few years. They have made me laugh out loud too many times to count. I have shared many of them with my husband, who usually answers with, “Yep, that’s a pug!” But we all know Mason was special, as you were able to capture in your writing. I can’t remember if you have broached this subject before, but I think that a book containing a collection of all Mason’s blog posts would be an amazing tribute to him, as well as a wonderful way for all of us to remember him. You guys did such a great job on “Summer Pugs”, and I’ll bet a book of his musings would be snatched up by all his fans. I know I would be the first in line! Anyway, I know you’re overwhelmed right now, but I hope you think about it as time passes.

    Please give our best to your daughter and her husband, as well as your husband. I’m so glad you all have each other to lean on during this painful time. And of course all the doggies…Lizzie, Daphne and Cecily. It helps so much to have them to cuddle with, as I’m sure you know. Lizzie, especially, will feel this loss, as we all know how much Mason loved her, despite his objections to the contrary!

    Lastly, thank you for bringing Mason into our lives. He lived the kind of life all dogs should have, with lots of pampering and love. Our own Lexie turned 14 this year, and we know that the time we have with her now is precious. I hope when that inevitable day comes when we have to let her go over the Rainbow Bridge, that I can remember, through my tears, to be thankful that her life was as full as it could be…just as Mason’s was.
    Sweet, handsome Mason…He will be missed, and never forgotten.

    ~Erin Byrne (Lexie, Chloe, Coco and Molly’s mommy)

  14. How do you say see ya later to such an awesome guy. You were so gracious in sharing his life with all of us that, although not with him, loved him very much. I did not have the pleasure of meeting him while I was in NY, but being with his parents and listening to them speak and tell their stories, I knew he was something very special in the lives of two precious souls. I can hardly type without stopping to wipe a tear because of the loss I know that his family feels. To be so loved is the greatest thing. Anne and Nick, I am so very sorry for your loss. I pray that upon my return to NY, I will be able to hear more wonderful stories of your icon of pugs. Love, hugs and prayers from Texas.

  15. Dee Ann & Aki the Pug

    As tears run down my face as I read Mason passing, my heart is breaking for you, Mason will be missed. Run free Mason till you see your family again at the Bridge.

  16. Dave and jp

    Praying for you and the family I cannot begin
    To imagine how you feel right now.
    He will be dearly missed over here in Australia.thank you for brightening our days
    With your gorgeous tales.
    K, Dave and jp

  17. Howard Pee Pugpants sends love and comfort to you Sue, for the privilege of having Mason as his mentor all these years. Thank you for sharing the journey of such a special soul with a giant heart who just happened to live in the body of a beautiful little pug. The world will never have another Mason, but for that reason we will never forget him. May he run free, and with joy see you again, and have all the delicious treats his heart desires in heaven.
    Love and pughugs from the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs,
    Nancy, Howie, Java, Annie, and Hannah

  18. I’m so sad to hear of his passing. He was the pug’s pug! It’s tough to let them go. I have an old gal who’s 14 and starting to go down a little. I’ve lost several pets over the past 2 years. It never gets eay. They steal your heart, they pack so much life into their years, then they have to go. Never here long enough, Run free and be sooo happy with all of the others who greet you at the Rainbow Bridge. Tell my babies that I send them all my love. Hugs to all of you!

  19. Sue

    I’m so sorry to hear of Mason’s passing. Thank you for the wonderful stories of his adventures over the past few years. I’m hugging my boys extra tight right now. The time with our precious fur kids goes by too fast. Take care,

  20. We are so sorry to hear of the passing of such an amazing pug. The way you have captured his spirit through these blogposts have been such a pleasure to read over the past few years. Mason was clearly an exceptional pug. Our hearts ache for you in this time of loss. Thank you for giving Mason his voice. We should all age as gracefully and with such candor, and humor.

  21. I was so worried when I saw the blog post header that this was the news. I grew up with pugs– I am a third generation pug owner. I adopted my pug, Cooper, 4 years ago. He survived a horrible early life chained to a furnace in a basement in the Bronx, neglected and likely abused. He came to me, and within 24 hours, I knew he was mine. Although he had residual trauma, he was the sweetest and most loving animal.

    About a month and a half ago, I discovered he had an inoperable malignant tumor in his spine. He is undergoing radiation now, but he will likely not have much time left. He is only 8 years old, and all I ever wanted was for him to live a long life and enjoy everything.

    I understand everything that you are going through, except I haven’t had to let him go yet. I don’t know how I will face that day.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. And I know nothing can make this better.


  22. Sarah

    Thank you so much for taking the time to bring Mason to life for us with your amusing tales of his adventures. I can hardly type through the tears ~ my heart is breaking for your daughter and son-in-law, as well as all his grandparents. Mason’s reach was far and wide, thanks to you. He is forever memorialized in each lovingly composed writing that you have shared with us. RIP, Sweet Mason.

  23. Joanne Carlson

    RIP, dear Mason. We will miss reading about your adventures.

  24. Lena Welch

    Dear Sue, thank you for sharing Mason’s wonderful personality and joy for life with us. He was an exceptional little boy! You and your family will be in my prayers.

  25. Sending cyber hugs to your and your family at this very sad time. I will surely miss Mason’s adventures.

  26. Elizabeth Sommers

    Dear Sue, First…thank you SO much for making Mason such a wonderful part of my life. I looked forward to each post here. Through you, Mason has become part of my family and I will miss him terribly. I’m sure your daughter is inconsolable right now but I hope she knows that Mason’s loyal readers do share her pain and would do anything to lighten her load just a little bit. As others have stated, it would mean so much to have all of Mason’s Blog published. Perhaps in time that will be something you will consider. For now, please know Mason will live in my heart always.
    With Much Love,

  27. Elizabeth Sommers

    Dear Sue,
    I would like to make a donation in Mason’s memory to the Pug Rescue of his choice. Please advise.

  28. Dear Sue and Family,
    As I sit here I am actually crying. I am so sorry and Mason will be very missed by all who loved him through you. Hope Lizzie is ok in his absences
    We will hold Mason forever in our hearts!!

  29. Dear Sue, We have so enjoyed the epic journey that was Mason’s. You gave him a such voice that has touched our hearts and that will endure in our memories. It has given us a much more personal sensitivity to our own pugs voices, as they truly do have their own. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts.

  30. Tortiegirl

    Pugs Roman and Theo, and our family send our deepest condolences….there’s never enough time for all the joy and good times with our furry loved ones. May memories of Mason bring you tears of joy and laughter forever!

  31. Dear Miss Sue,
    Please know that right at this very moment I am praying for you and your family. The pain of loosing a beloved friend is almost unbearable, but ohhhh! how empty our lives would be without this kind of love. My heart is breaking for all of you. I will miss Mason’s stories so much.
    Mister Bean’s MaMaFigure

  32. Joan (Tuffy and Lucky"s mom)

    Mason brought a smile and many laughs to me. Often the tears rolling down my face were because I was laughing so hard. I hope you can enjoy the happy memories and know how much love he brought all of us. Please know that your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  33. Sharon Judd

    My heart aches for you and all of us that have grown to love Mason. Thank you for sharing him with us. I pray for your peace as you go through this sad journey and hope you are blessed with the best and the brightest memories of this darling little boy. You’re all in my prayers…

  34. I will truly miss reading about Mason. My own two pugs are 14 and I know that my time with them is limited. Your blog about Mason brightened up my day as well as saving one of my pug’s life when she reenacted the inhaling of the pizza crust and the subsequent flailing due to lack of air. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. Only a dog owner can really appreciate how entwined a dog becomes in one’s life.
    I second the suggestion that you should put all of Mason’s blogs into a book. When I first stumbled upon your blog, I loved the way you wrote and the antics of Mason so much that I read each and every blog that very day. Thank you for brightening so many people’s lives.

  35. Ann

    I am so very sorry to read about Mason’s passing. I loved reading his blog. He will be sorely missed by all of us pug lovers, but will not be forgotten. Please pass on my sincere condolences to his loving human & canine family.

    Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo

  36. We are so fortunate to have shared in some way the wonderful life dear Mason lived. Often this blog has cheered me up and offered a way to share my love for pugs to others. My condolences and my sincere empathy with your loss. Mason was well loved. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift. God bless, Mason.

  37. Joanna Moyer

    I have followed Mason for quite some time and every story and every picture on his blog brought a smile to my face. I was heartbroken when I heard he had passed. It was like losing someone close to me as well. Thank you Sue for being the voice of Mason and for sharing him with all of us. I just want you and your family to know how much joy that 4 legged, mischevious and loving pug brought to so many, especially me. May God continue to bless you during this difficult time. Joanna and Rufus

  38. So terribly sorry for the loss of Mason. You described the esscence of a pug so well, I feel your loss deeply on my own heart. You know wherever he is, he’s continuing to love you the same as he ever did. Take comfort in the love you shared. Pugs are the greatest friends.

  39. Cubby & Oscar

    Hope the holiday & abundant pug love bring you all much happiness.
    It’s taken me so long to be able to write but I don’t want to let time pass and never reply to let you know how much my husband and I have enjoyed reading the adventures of Mason and Lizzie.
    We have, like many others, come to feel that we knew him and got to share in the wonderful gift of his voice. What a beautiful and amazing tribute, Sue, these pages are, to the enigmatic soul of Mason.

    Kind wishes to Mason’s loving Mom & Dad who worked so hard to keep him comfortable during his golden years. It’s clear Mason brought you magic and joy. There is no greater gift that we can give to repay the years of love than to make that time as good as it can be…
    To the darling Lizzie, who must surely miss her surly sibling who grudgingly loved her in his own way….
    And to the newest addition to your family, Master Phillip, whom I’m sure will bask in your love and provide a welcome distraction from the quiet of a missing voice….

    thank you all for sharing this wonderful soul

    with sympathy from the very pugged parents of Cubby & Oscar

  40. We came to paw our respects, soft husky wooooos,

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  41. Michael ..Philadelphia

    I have followed this blog since I learned of Pugs and Pals efforts to save Carina and Carisa. Mason was truly a joy. I extend my sincere sympathy to you and will remember Mason. Thank you for sharing him with us. I, too, lost my four legged daughter Maddie almost four years ago. The pain never leaves. I still go to her resting place on the mantle and talk to her every day.

  42. Andrea and Grover

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Mason’s blog over the years and I am so sad to hear of his passing. He will be sorely missed. Thank you for sharing him with us. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  43. Marina @ my bups


  44. We thought about wooos today, hope you are at peace,


  45. Elizabeth Sommers

    I come back from time-to-time to read some of my most favorite Mason Stories. It never fails to cheer me up. He may be gone but he will NEVER be forgotten. Thanks Sue for such a treasure trove.

  46. We stopped to paw respect an love,

    nuk & Family

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