Since I began writing this blog in 2008 I have aged considerably, from a sleek, fashionable, virile male to a broken, diaper and onesie wearing old pug. But, I still have great stamina, courage, hunger, and energy. One thing I cannot endure is excessive fussing, chitchat, and praise. Just give me my food, please! I am not a cuddler unless it is on my terms and at my time—otherwise, do not bother me. My guilty pleasure (and really it isn’t guilty) is eating fresh marrowbones. They are my binkies, if you will, and guaranteed to keep me quiet for several hours.

I live in Manhattan on the Lower East Side with my glamorous parents and a pathetic pug sister Lizzie (of questionable parentage and lineage). We vacation regularly on Cape Cod where my mother’s parents live with their two canines…a black pug named Cecily (who is as lame as Lizzie) and a ferocious Frenchie named Daphne (we are kept separated for obvious reasons).

So, these are my musings, stories, and rants…read them if you are interested and share them with your friends and family…Oh, and thanks to Grandma for transcribing my words.



20 responses to “About

  1. We LOVE your blog!!! We just stumbled upon it yesterday and are still reading all of the entries (we’re not fast readers and our mom only allows us a few minutes of computer time!). It is so well written and very entertaining, we had to tell all of our friends about your blog so they can enjoy it also. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Your pug fans,
    Roxy, Blue and Bono

  2. pppugged

    What a wonderful blog…thanks for the almost daily laughs!

  3. hey

    would you like to link up with us as a pug rescue that stretches from NYC to Cape Cod, MA?

    via web or our blog…your blog is great!
    : )
    curly tail

  4. hi you have a very nice blog i really like it … and its very interesting also .. well done keep it up
    lots of love
    Alexia and meggie may
    from the sunny island

  5. Love your blog, pugs are so much fun too have!!!
    Please check out…www.pug-tales.com. Its my illustration site, all inspired by my two beautiful pugs Poppy and Buster! Which I am crazy about..you could call it pug obsessed! Hopefully I will be finishing my second book soon and then will be making t-shirts birthday cards, badges with the illustrations etc…. Would love to know what you think of the illustrations!

    Sam x

  6. Andrea


    I’m the owner of Grover (groverthepug) from the PugPack twibe…

    I don’t usually bother reading blogs, but Grover and I have made an exception with yours, as it is so hilariously funny and well written. Are you a published writer? Were you an English major at University? Whatever the case, thank you for sharing your talents with us…Grover and I have been having a ball of a time!

    Merry Christmas and Pug hugs,
    Andrea and Grover

  7. Joan

    Why haven’t we heard from Mason lately ? He always makes me laugh. True to pug form. Hope all is well.

  8. kris

    your blog made my monday-i really needed a pick-me-up and mason thoroughly cheered me up!
    i absolutely love all the stories they are fabulous-
    thank you

    kris,dave & j.p.(junior pig)

  9. Oh dear readers…I have only just discovered your lovely letters. Forgive me please but I never knew of their existence since I haven’t viewed my “About” page. Thank you one and all, and please accept my apologies for not acknowledging these glowing praises.
    Whenever I think I’ve nothing left to write about something comes along that compels me to drag Grandma back to her computer for transcription.
    Thank you again…Mason

  10. Kate

    Hi Mason
    My name is Charka and I am a black pug living with my mama and daddy in cape town, south africa. I’m looking forward to reading more about your exciting life.

  11. Hi Mason and Lizzie!
    It’s been a little while since we have heard from you… I just wanted to check in and see how things were with you!… Hope all is well!

  12. Hello,

    My name is Rick Thomas. The reason I am contacting you is because I think the readers of your blog would be interested in learning about the new site I just launched.


    The site was inspired by my dog, Miley, who I rescued from a local shelter. What’s My Puppy helps people determine the breed of their pound puppies and also donates quarterly to the registered shelter with the most participation points.

    If you would be interested in writing a blog post about the site I would gladly re-post the article in our news section and also include your blog in our links section. You can look over our press release here: http://whatsmypuppy.com/lab-retriever-what%E2%80%99s-your-puppy-just-ask-your-friends

    Feel free to email me with any questions or feedback about the site. Thank you!

  13. Your blog is great! Love the banner photo!

  14. hi! how is Carina doing, haven’t heard anything for a really long time. I hope she’s okay 🙂

  15. Jill Shaw

    This is the first time I’ve read your blog. I loved it! I have two pugs myself (both males) and love them to death. They are such unique little creatures. Thanks for the laughs!!!
    Jill in Texas

  16. LA Deeley

    We have fallen in love with your blog. Lucy the Pug demands I read it to her. She is highly amused by Mason and relieved to find another Pug as clever as herself. Lucy feels Lizzies sweetness more than makes up for her um lack of wit. Since we are originally from Cape Cod this blog is a little bit of home for us. Thank you

  17. Elaine

    Mason, I miss you…………I hope you are well and having a good summer.

  18. Anne Weber-Falk

    Dearest Mason and Lizzie,
    We miss you both very much. We always look forward to reading about your adventures. We bought your book and look at that now as it has been so very long since you have posted a story. We do hope all is well for you both. We all know you are getting on in years but while it may slow you down, it certainly has never stopped you. Here’s to a hearing from you again very soon and a good marrow bone.

    The Falk and Brown Families from Illinois

  19. Hi Mason, really love your blog, very well written and very funny! I look after a pug community called Luv Pugs http://www.luvpugs.net/ if you would like to post any of your articles with us please feel welcome.

    All the best!
    Ryan Hastie

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