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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, or Pretty is as Pretty Does

How many of you have heard these expressions tossed casually into a conversation and have later wondered what they truly mean and how they apply to you? My great grandmother was particularly fond of peppering her speech with these old saws, and while they have a certain rustic charm, I find them a bit dismissive and confusing. Which brings me to an expression one hears frequently…pug ugly. I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I, for one, am offended.

Pugs are bred for our singular appearance: a flat face, bulbous eyes, and short curled-up pig’s tail. We did not request these features, which frankly offer endless health issues, but rather you humans decided to breed these into our DNA because you find them so appealing. Why then, should we become the butt of “pug ugly” or “pugly?” It makes no sense to me.

You might say these are only words but to a sensitive pug or human, words are invested with great power…power to heal or to hurt. I contend that what is beautiful to one is not necessarily to another, but that using the object in question as the derisive adjective is cruel.

The expression, “pretty is as pretty does,” offers the less attractive individual or pug hope, in that physical beauty doesn’t necessarily equal beauty of the soul. My great grandmother used it as a verbal punishment and admonishment to her children when their behavior tested her patience. I believe she wished to instill humility in her brood but she probably wasn’t very successful. I’ve used similar techniques with Lizzie, who, quite frankly, tests and tries my patience daily. I love to remind her that her “grill” resembles nothing more than a random toss of a few Chicklets and her body would appeal only to a sausage maker. I’ve suggested that now would be a good time to consider developing a personality, instead of believing she has the kind of looks for which males of all species hunger. Lizzie is a delusional fool most of the time and it is my responsibility to remind her of her limitations. I digress.

Some of us are truly blessed to possess both beauty of body and soul, and for that I am grateful. I do caution you, however, to think before you thoughtlessly refer to a pug or person as pug ugly. There are better words.

Respectfully submitted,


Indolent, slovenly, and unkempt...poor delusional Lizzie

A truly beautiful speciman, in both body and soul...the gold standard for pugs.


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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

My Facebook contest for the most captivating pug photo has led me to a more contemplative area of thinking than usual this past week. I have thoroughly indulged myself in viewing the pugs in these photos, some of whom are whimsical, some in costume, some enchantingly posed, and some just as themselves. I find myself thinking about the very concept of beauty and what it means. Shakespeare says it best, I believe…

“To me, fair friend, you never can be old
For as you were when first your eye I eyed,
Such seems your beauty still.”

Our standards of beauty vary dramatically from one viewer to the next, hence the old adage I adopted for my title today. My great grandmother was fond of this expression and also employed “Pretty is as pretty does” when chastising my grandma as a young self-absorbed girl. So then, what is beauty? Is there a universal standard? And why are there so many hundreds of thousands of pug owners who find their own pug children so appealingly beautiful?  Is beauty really only skin deep? I don’t think so. The longer I live the more I believe that, and I know you will all reel in shock when reading this, beauty does lie within the eye of the beholder. We see what we wish to see. Time and age cannot tarnish what one first perceives as beauty in another.

When I look upon my fellow pugs, dear reader, I see all of the flaws, blemishes, signs of age and decay, but I also see evidence of love, hope, devotion, spirit, and beauty. I cannot believe I am uttering these words (living with Lizzie has definitely weakened my mind and spirit), but there you have it…deep thoughts from a pug named Mason.

Thank you one and all for sharing your photos and captions. Again, not to sound maudlin and overly sentimental like a pug we know well, I am proud to count all of you as my fans.

Respectfully submitted,


Yours truly as a young pup...am I less handsome now? I think not.


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A Pug’s Plea

I admit it…this is a shameless plea for your votes but I know of no other way to make you, dear reader, aware of my blog’s nomination in two different competitions. If you enjoy reading my musings and feel I am worthy of your vote, here are two places to visit:

www.blognetawards.com and www.bloggerchoiceawards.com/

You must register and log on to both of these sites in order to vote but that is fairly easy. For the blognetawards I am listed under “Best Pet Blog” and for the bloggerchoiceawards, I am listed under “Best Animal Blogger.”

I am a pug who enjoys recognition and publicity, but does that make me vain and shallow? Perhaps, but not necessarily, and at any rate I won’t be changing who I am. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

 On another note, my long awaited book (SUMMER PUGS) soon will  be available for purchase. I am rather pleased with it and hope that many of you will be eager to hold photos of me (and Lizzie too) in your hands. When I have details, I will share them with you.

After a weekend of incredible spring-like beauty, I am daunted by the swift return of dreary, cold, wet weather. Nothing dampens a pug’s spirit so much as a gray Monday. But be of good cheer, dear reader, my adventures will continue and I will be writing my rants and raves again. Think of this entry as a public service announcement.


 Respectfully submitted,



P.S. I am not enclosing a photo today so it might be a good opportunity for you to scroll through past entries and cast a loving eye upon my handsome face.



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Will You still Need Me, Will you Still Feed Me When I’m Sixty-Four?

Here’s a piece of cruel irony, dear reader: why is that pugs are so incredibly cute as puppies, and then begin to look excruciatingly unattractive by around age five? Now of course there are exceptions to this rule, such as yours truly, but for the most part it is a dramatic downhill tumble for this breed of dog. How many people happily and enthusiastically choose to adopt pugs that are gray of muzzle, snaggle of tooth, and wide of girth? I believe puppies are cute so that they can secure a place in some besotted human’s home before the transformation begins!

 Now, I am not one to think too much about personal appearance but I did have occasion last week, while out on a walk with Mom, to notice my reflection in a storefront window. I’m afraid I was so taken with my appearance (I was in a beautiful Etro sweater and fitted orange boots…and yes, the weather was terrible) that I quickly put on my brakes, stopped, and then took a long second look. Dang, I looked good and I’m not ashamed to admit my age. I am 8 years old, and by my reckoning, that puts me near the Beatles’ famous sixty-four human years.

 Sometimes it is important to  look at oneself clearly and see both the inner and outer beauty. I think pug owners must do that a lot.

 Respectfully submitted,





What? You thought I'd show you show hideous image of an old pug? Not bloody likely. I'm a pug on top of his game here.

What? You thought I'd show you some hideous image of an old pug? Not bloody likely. I'm a pug on top of his game here.


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