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Letters From Camp

Dear Mama,
Grandma says we may write you a letter from Camp since we miss you and you are sad. I will write first because Maisie is busy playing with Daphne. We are having a wonderful time, Mom, and Grandma is very good to us. We get breakfast every morning around 7 AM and then Grandpa takes us out for pees and poops. We like to hang out under the kitchen table while they read the paper and drink coffee. Grandpa likes to eat earlier than Grandma so we watch his side closely. After they are finished we have our big morning nap…sometimes all of the pugs climb into the puffy bed and Daphne sleeps in the chair. At lunchtime Grandma takes us out for pees and some Treibball play. We come in for our dried liver treat and then it is the big afternoon nap. Late afternoon is more backyard play and barking, and then dinner is served at 5:30 sharp. After dinner, either Grandma or Grandpa takes us for a walk. By the time we are back, we are ready to snuggle in for the evening. Bedtime is 10 PM. We go out for a final pee and then follow Grandma upstairs to their bedroom for a cookie and the big bed like we have. I know it must sound boring to you but we really like it because throughout the day we go in and out, play in the pool, bark at Booker, chase Daphne, and just hang. I wish you were here and I miss cuddling on the couch with you while you watch Bravo TV. I can hardly wait to see you. Don’t be sad…there are so many butt holes to smell, Mom! I love you,
Hi Mama!
OMG, Daphne is so cool. She scares me and excites me at the same time. I will follow her anywhere even if it looks dangerous. She can be so sweet and fun and then, for no reason, snap at me. I have learned she doesn’t mean it and I know how to run really fast and avoid her when she is snappy…like when we play Treibball. I swear she wants to kill it!
I know you are having a bad time and I wish Phillip and I could cheer you up and wrestle for you. Grandma says I am the Energizer Rabbit and sometimes she has to get cross with me when I get too “busy.” I know she loves me though because she talks to us all the time. She calls us her McNuggets and Velcro Pugs. We didn’t like sleeping in the dormitory…I am not sure why but once we moved in with Grandma and Grandpa, we sleep like babies.
I could play with Daphne forever but she needs more naps than I do so I don’t “poke the bear.”
I love you and miss you, but don’t worry about us…camp is great. I can hardly wait until I see you.


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Sundays and A Homesick Little Pug

I am a pug…” If you prick us, do we not bleed?

if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison

us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not

revenge?”  William Shakespeare

I know some of you may find it difficult or painful to accept, but we pugs have an internal calendar and whenever Sunday rolls around, I find myself experiencing a yearning otherwise absent during the week. I apologize to the most revered Mr. Shakespeare for my lighthearted tampering with his The Merchant of Venice, and let me reassure you, dear reader, that I am not seeking revenge for anything, but you need to understand that pugs do feel pain and emotional anguish as do you humans.

Sundays were the day Mom devoted to me, her number one little man. We took long walks in the park, spent lazy afternoons napping on the couch or watching a favorite movie together. It was our day, our time, and it sustained me for the workweek ahead. I allowed her liberties I would never, under any other circumstances, consider acceptable by anyone else. We cuddled, snuggled, and frolicked together. She was mine and I was hers.

I don’t mean to be such a sissy, but Mom, I really miss you on Sundays. I can’t let Grandma and Grandpa know because they would feel bad and not know what to do. So, I did what any self-respecting pug would  under these circumstances…went into the back woods, found an old bone, and let it comfort me for the afternoon.

Sad in Sepia is what I call this photo...

Sad in Sepia is what I call this photo...

Mom, I can hardly wait until Friday when you arrive for two weeks.

Respectfully submitted,



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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Hi Everyone!

Mason is pooped today so he has let me do a little dictating. When I last wrote, I had been a very naughty girl and was feeling guilty. I am happy to say that those days seem behind me now. I have tried really hard to avoid the garbage area of the kitchen(but I’m not always successful) and I have made every effort to ummmm, relieve myself outdoors. So, you’re probably wondering why I am writing this. The answer is pretty simple. I am grateful for so many things but right now I’m sooooooo happy that I can live in this cozy apartment with my mom and dad, and most especially, Mason. Also, Valentine’s Day is on Saturday and I am filled with love!

Sometimes Mason can be a bit grumpy and mean, but I know that deep down he really loves me. He doesn’t like to show it but he does in little ways, like he doesn’t run away every time I try to cuddle up to him, he lets me burrow deep under the covers up against Mom without pushing me out of bed, and he doesn’t stand over me when I eat, waiting for me to miss a crumb. That has to be love, doesn’t it?

On these freezing cold mornings I don’t even want to open my eyes, let alone get up, then put on a sweater and boots, and head to the elevator for our freezing morning walk. I do it though, because I am so grateful for all that I’ve been given. Also, I hope Mom and Dad know how much I love it when they rub my belly and cuddle with me.

I don’t have plans or ambition like Mason; I am just happy to be along for the ride. When Mom and Dad tell me they love me, well, I am the happiest pug in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, but most especially to my wonderful family.

Love, pugs, and kisses,


P.S. I am sure Mason will have something to say about this entry.


Oh gosh, I didn't even know this was taken! Here I am napping on Grandpa's side, as he naps. He has a red shirt on so I thought of Valentine's Day...oxox

Oh gosh, I didn't even know this was taken! Here I am napping on Grandpa's side, as he naps. He has a red shirt on so I thought of Valentine's Day...oxox

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