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Have You Hugged Your Pug Today?


Here I am cuddling with Mom...one of my favorite activities

Here I am cuddling with Mom...one of my favorite activities

For those of you who know my brother, Mason, I am his sister, Lizzie. Mason is so sweet to let me write something on his blog and I only wish I had a way with words like he does. First of all, I really love my brother, parents, and grandparents. Everyone has been so nice to me since I arrived over a year ago. No pug could ever feel so welcomed or loved.

I really love cuddling, napping, riding in cars, going to the beach, and eating. I’m not so happy going to baseball games because crowds of people scare me. Little children always want to hug me but I am pretty shy so I get panicky when they approach.

I admit it, Mason, I was pretty chunky when I arrived but it wasn’t my fault, really! I know you were embarrassed but I’ve lost the weight and learned to keep up with you. You are, and always will be, the pug I follow. I’m not as clever or strong as you and that is okay because I am happy just being with you.

 You’ve taught me so much…how to empty a garbage can, how to beg for and go after food, how to relieve myself in the apartment, and mostly how to soak up your wisdom. So, even though you embarrassed me when you wrote about my “accident,” I love you. You are my alpha and omega.


Sincerely yours,



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