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Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive

Sir Walter Scott’s poetic line is certainly appropriate for today’s entry. I am caught out, undone, revealed, exposed, discovered, and busted. The jig is up. My dirty secret has been laid bare. My life will no longer run with its controlled clock-like precision, all because I had over-weaning confidence and let down my guard. I was sure I could keep up the ruse, fool my mom, deceive the world, and conceal the truth.

Saturday morning, a particularly wonderful day of the week for any right-minded pug, found Mom, Dad, Lizzard, and yours truly snuggled deep into a world of down…sandwiched between the featherbed and comforter. It was so warm and cozy that I let go, relaxed in the moment, and against my better judgment and instinct, did the unthinkable…I started playing with Lizzie.

We lay face to face and started batting each other with our paws while mouth wrestling. I know, I know…it was stupid. At that point, Mom peeked under the cover because she felt our little legs kicking and caught us in the act of joyful abandon! I have spent the past year convincing everyone that this silly little pug is something I merely tolerate and it is only out of the generosity of my spirit that she is allowed to share my space. To be foiled in such an unmanly way sickens me.

So now, dear reader, my folks know the truth…that Lizzie and I play when we are alone. We romp, we frolic, we gambol wildly, we interact, and we cuddle. Lizzie, because she is such a mental midget, sees no problem with their knowing the truth and so naturally she tries to do these same activities in front of them. I have had to rebuff her soundly so they wouldn’t assume “we have bonded.”

I can no longer make them feel guilty for leaving us. It is over and I am a ruined pug. Read this and weep for me.

Respectfully submitted,



Caught again by that d--- pug cam in our most compromising and intimate of positions!

Caught again by that d--- pug cam in our most compromising and revealing position!

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