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Don’t Rain On My Parade

I must open with a passage from King Lear, dear reader, since a deluge from which there seems no relief engulfs my days…

Contending with the fretful elements;

Bids the wind blow the earth into the sea,

Or swell the curled waters ‘bove the main,

That things might change or cease.”
- William Shakespeare, King Lear, 3.1.4

Perhaps this is being a shade too dramatic, but I find Shakespeare a great comfort for any of the maladies plaguing living creatures. Being locked in by a month of tempestuous, gloomy, and wet weather on Cape Cod is not what I signed on for. This is supposed to be the summer of Mason! I had so many plans, places to go, and people to see, and yet each day I am faced with cool winds and rain as I crawl out of my pug nest and go out to perform my morning toilet. It is discouraging to me and if it weren’t for the tasty breakfast that follows I am sure I wouldn’t bother with observing the niceties!

My grandparents try to compensate by taking us on car trips and errands, but it is not the same as having a nice chew on some bone or bully stick in the yard on a sunny day. Forgive me for sounding like a Willy Whiner, but I feel as if I am losing precious hours to a never-ending nap orgy.

I think there may be relief coming tomorrow, and if not, then certainly by the weekend. I’ve lost my mojo and seem to be living under a curse from which there is no escape. I do try to remain cheerful and alert, but I find the desire to nap almost overwhelming.

If you are living under a fair sky with a warm sun shining and a balmy breeze blowing, then be grateful and think of me…a handsome pug that is fast becoming a dull mushroom. The only bright spot right now is my new web site: www.summerpugs.com, where you can purchase an autographed (pawtograph) copy of our book. The site is filled with unpublished photos and interesting information, so do visit it.

Respectfully submitted,


Here I am on one such rainy day, trying to stay in the game and keep up my spirits.

Here I am on one such rainy day, trying to stay in the game and keep up my spirits.

Chasing a crumb

Chasing a crumb

And, as you can see, I'm falling asleep

And, as you can see, I'm falling asleep


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